emanating joy

Artist: Rick Stassi

“…for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” Neh 8:10

Even now as I walk in the wilderness, i am reminded that the Lord has brought to me to this place

To meet me and perfect my heart in segments of a day, of a moment.

For this is His promise and it is in my faith that i will progress in His way, in His time.

And it is in my trust that i will not succumb to the one of evil.

Joy emanates from my heart.

I will remember that my focus on Him is steadfast in response to a steadfast love He has always had for me.

And I will seek Him…

The gate is narrow but if we can trudge through our doubt and fear, we will accept all our Saviour gives us through a drop of His blood.

In our walk, we will progress a step at a time and we will be confronted by the enemy with temptation and doubt.

And we shall remember that our Lord rebukes the enemy and we are empowered to do the same.

Joy emanates from our faithful hearts.

Love is cast upon us and our hearts overflow and shine brightly the light of heaven from

the Spirit that abides.

Joy emanates from our loving hearts.

Partake in this moment. For it is a time where trials are misguided and misunderstood no longer and

Trials give way to wisdom as we cry His name and we know His joy.

Joy emanates from our trusting hearts.

Rick Stassi

Sep 1 2011