…eternal perspective and the tiny stream getting there…

8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”
Revelations 1:8 (NKJV)

There is a beginning and there is an end. These are places we cannot know or see in our worldly bodies. These are places that cannot be fully revealed as we exist now. They are places of mystery given to us to ponder, by God. We are enveloped within these places of ethereal time.

We seek to find our path on a road in front of our face that is part of a picture so large and unfathomable, we can only wonder. The wonder is in the eternal nature of God. We spend countless hours in our debates over those things that are on a small path within a large road. We do not see fully left nor right nor ahead, behind. We are only told of such places.

These places. Alpha and Omega.

So, should we fully comprehend the beginning and end? Of what importance is our full comprehension of these things of God’s nature? We struggle to remain on a path of His will daily, therefore why do we concern ourselves for these places unseen and beyond our daily refinement? It is all a matter of edifying our perspective. This is our Christian walk. We are on a hammock between these places: endpoints of eternity.

Infinity has no boundary. However Jesus, we read, has end points, but figurative endpoints. He is infinite and God uses terms to keep us from roaming down impossible roads. He has a purpose.  It is our purpose to view our life and our walk with Him in the perspective of eternity. Our faith keeps us secure in the blankets of this endless time, our trust fortifies our belief in the written word of God. Our prayer is to have God reveal bit-by-bit each segment of this eternal path. The perspective of eternity brings hope. It works through minor daily setbacks and keeps us ever-focused on a path straight, narrow, and toward an eternal God in heaven. Jesus the “ALPHA and OMEGA”.

I like this perspective as it brings purpose to many aspects of His word. All will burn eventually meaning our temporal lives are really only a part of our eternal life and we are investing in this eternal life through our walk today. Do you see why happiness, sadness, and other emotions are temporary? Joy is eternal. Love is eternal. Jesus is eternal and is manifest in Love and Joy through the Spirit that dwells in our heart. We see our relationships and our routines and trials now as part of a refinement in our life rather than a source of angst.

Our happiness wanes to sadness which floats back up into happiness as all the comforts of the world try to sustain. We must see that these places, Alpha and Omega, are the bigger picture of existence: a broader eternal comfort. Evidence of things past, hope for things future. See through the eyes of Creation and heaven. I believe our life with its trials is like a rivulet running down a mountainside. Ever-running over stones amid it’s path. Only stopping when obstacles become too large. But, the stream overcomes obstacles because it is fed from above, upstream. We too are fed from above. We will join the creek and then the river and the sea. There is hope in all things eternal. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega. The Beginning and End. All in-between is our innocent wonderment of a powerful God. We gaze and see Love. The Love is eternal and we are in Eternal comfort. This is our eternal perspective.

Rick Stassi