God’s Moment

We shall pray for many, pray for one.
For those who stay and those who run.
For dissipation of Wars with terror fraught,
For the increase of Peace, an awesome process wrought.
We pray To feed the hungry near and away,
We emanate a hope upon the Son’s majestic ray.
With God, we lose ourselves in a moment now,
To see all heaven in reverent bow.
We can pray without limit for all,
In our timeless moment with the Lord,
to Whom we call.
For all upon a moment still,
We seek the guidance of godly will.
And emerging in His heavenly Light,
Is a fragile man now upright.
So, I pray for all whom hope is lost,
God gives me time – temporal tossed,
To a deeper place with God in a moment spent,
To intercede for all with prayers to heaven sent.