at twenty-one…

at twenty-one my life took a spirit-filled turn,

the spirit i chose had a distilled burn.

at twenty-one i slapped down my ID and ordered a drink,

my mind went away and I was unable to think.

at twenty-one was a beginning anew,

just like jumping from a bridge begins a fall into blue.

at twenty-one i laughed with friends.

painful mondays alone without end.

all friends have gone away…


twenty-one years ago the calamity ended.

i began a new life drink-less dry, sobriety contended.

it opened a door to see the true Light,

one that did not interrupt a passed-out night.

it took several years to know this great One,

clarity ensued but i still had to run.

We all know who wins in the end,

it is Jesus who soon enough became my friend,

He sustains me day-by-day…


now life is changed my vision grows stronger.

darkness so short, daylight much longer.

without God where would I be?

no wife, no children, no family.

today is special as milestones are here,

twenty-one years sober and a loving daughter’s birthday to cheer.

tears and pain have lost their sting,

at twenty-one i thank the Lord for now i sing.

happy birthday, Phoebe.

happy monday, to me…


r stassi

first sober day november 26 1991