This moment in time

Looking into the mirror,

Upon whom do my eyes see?

Do I see just a man?

Or an image of godly integrity?

What I see is the image

Of one who ebbs and flows like the tides at the shore.

Living in self-indulgence,

Seeking ever more.

But to Jesus I have pledged,

My life to evade.

This world of frivolity

And reach my perfected image made

I am a pilgrim in this time,

With gifts Divinely imparted.

To be the fruit of joy

From the vine our Father started.

Now into the mirror

I take a closer look to examine what I see.

The unique creation in Christ,

The picture is me.

There is the perfect Law of Liberty,

Written upon my heart.

The sign of an abiding Spirit

Sanctified, set apart

We are knit together – each of us

Believers of God in His way sublime,

I savor this moment,

This moment in time.

© Rick Stassi 2012