…and Your Love

…and Your Love

along a path blissfulness be
God in heart His eyes follow me.
ever watching a meandering child
heart now pure but once defiled.
a scent abounds and fills the air
each breath I take Your heartfelt care.
i step, and step again, to new places,
and Your Love follows.

further down the path I go
it is my life which I speak, you must now know.
ageless, joyful, merry, mirth,
all You give is giving worth
each taste I savor so, so sweet
i am fed, heart and Scripture meet.
i continue steps in joyful gait
and Your Love follows.

and days shall come, darkness shall hold
my attention forgetting all I’ve been told:
in Your Light, darkness prevails not,
my attention refocused, O this life, my godly lot.
i feel Your warmth inside, each part
from toes to head, a centered heart
i rush back onto Your path
and Your Love follows.

so days gone and no more to come
a life is not just difference and sum
joyously we see all things You, Lord
thanking each moment that time shall afford.
and I look around to those whom I dearly love
gentle souls in my heart, in head, eternally above.
i come to the place where Celestial doors await
and Your Love is there.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

…for all those whom I dearly love and shall love.