cloudless skies blue


“He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked” 1 John 2:6 (KJV)

I peer inside from the outside –
It is cold out here and there is a fast-closing distance between us.
There within seen are familiar comforts I know,
Peaceful and pleasant is the unspoken invitation for entry.
Even if there were no light lit inside,
The room would be lit with eyes of love.
There is luminosity in love.
Illuminate me now.

What will I hear today? Craned neck drawing upon whispers,
Sitting at your feet, listening, pondering, relating…
Remarkable stories that seemed fashioned to my life
Following the curvature of a tired, albeit perseverant, inquisitiveness.

I learn in conviction there is no judgement,
Wisdom attained in agreement is self-reason gladly ceded,
regret is all surrendered, guilt to dust…
And I! What ask I? My questions always seem tireless and endless yet they tire you not.
As protecting shadows forsake huddled secrets deep within me.
Those things from long ago. Places untouched for many years, generations.
Or, tomorrow? The right and the left ahead blend into a straight.

All this I see with you. Your voice guides with gentleness and precision.
There is beauty in my glowing heart as wisdom is joined with humility
and delivered in love.
Straight to my core.

Warming fire rages –
O flickering hearth.
I daydream a moment, looking outside.
I love the days when the snow drifts high and the
Wind cuts clean and I am warm, happy.

Sanctuary, O my dwelling place, but now it is time to go.
So, I gather my things and step outside again.
Bones quickly chilled, but I have enough from you until next we meet.
Don’t want to overspend my time, I’ll come back.
We bid farewell with a parting comment:
“Come back and stay with me longer” lovingly is said.
“But I’ve so much to do” I saying sadly,
“Life is but to live, but I thank you for your time.”

Peering at the ground I miss your unchanged gaze locked on me.
In one last look, eyes intersect and something in your spirit,
Raises the hair on my neck.
I feel just now I am the only one to ever walk into these doors, to sit at your feet.
Surely there are more like me? But I feel so unique and loved so deep.
I am drawn back and you set a place at your table for me. You takes my things, offer respite.
I believe I will stay.

For in this place my perspective is new
Infinite and lucid, cloudless skies blue.


hope realized


Artist Sean Seal

Walking further unto winter’s night
When geese and swans have long taken flight.
The steel-cold winds cuts my heart in half –
I can bear no longer his icy laugh.

I have illusion – a semblance of warm and dry
Yet hope avoids a heart so awry.
I dig ever deeper seeking strength for flight
As coldness, darkness, swallows my might.

Where are you feeble hope?
Why abandon me? In blindness I grope!
Stinging hoarfrost singing calloused feet,
As I peer, rays from a window, my eyes do meet.

And ever so warm flame’s flickering dance.
Gentleness bids me entry with a single glance.
A warm arm o’er my broken, tired frame.
He knew where I was going, He knew from where I came.

O wonderful, shameless, humbly sat I.
In Him I release a decade-long sigh.
I know now of love’s gracious allay,
Through loving eyes, here I shall stay.

O guilt be gone: your promises and lies led,
You’d rather me join’d with guilt, remorse, instead.
But now I lay my head on His lap.
Time’s toll taken, submitted to love’s long nap.

bound souls


Let this day
Bring hope, bring light.
Fortify me
To stand upright.

Let this day
See God’s eyes.
Pierce my heart
With truthful pries.

Let this day
Subtly speak
The voice of God.
Ear’s inclined, my soul shall seek.

Let this day
Feel His merciful rein
To lead me away
From darkened pain.

Then sunlight rising as
Pastel hue awakens sky.
Hope never capsizing
I shall not wonder why.

For beauty and wisdom lights
Upon the longing heart
Awaiting You, Father
Bound souls shant part.

(c) 2014 rick stassi