upon green leas


“How optimistic the fields that grow
To appreciative eyes the fruit they show
Diligent is the northern breeze
Laying unfetter’d life over these…”

Diligent breeze virtuously
Surrounding the ones who seek
Above horizon’s razor-edge line and
Over mountain’s pleading peak.

Contrarily meandering, pitifully seen,
The anemic lights –
Of those eyes peering
Throughout  lifeless nights.

Under shallow stones
They seek some way.
But, alas, another turned stone,
Another sullen some day…

Who wonders, my thoughts urge,
How optimism grows?
When routinely consumed,
With pessimistic throes.

Hold fast this offered warm embrace!
Lovely pale lights,
I won’t let you disappear
Into black-ink nights.

For diligent is
The northern breeze
Hope binds death and
Gives life and rest upon green leas.

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