going home


“Mondsheine” 1919 Paul Klee

as open doors beckon me
with a revealed realization of full life-
more than one man can imagine
in a lifetime or a string of

the eternal nature of God:
so much more than
self-goodness and happiness
or impossible distance measured
in redshift;

but the redemption
of a single tarnished soul
by grace alone.
In His grace.

yet how does one
thank eternal Love
for this chance to
really live?

we are but to live and love
Father and brother and sister
til paths of gold
receive our steps and
the pure and crystalline
river flows from
Goodness and we know
we are home.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

He hears…

"Landscape at  Chaponval" Camille Pissarro

“Landscape at
Camille Pissarro

O Lord bless my soul
Remove the blight
That casts a shadow
Over the purest white
Linen of a spring lamb.

O Light gaze anew
Dissolve the tepid
Frivolous dark nature
Of temporary forgetfulness to
Renew yet again.

O Love blossom
Make my heart alive, refreshed
Fruitfully stamped
With virtuous approval
My hand in Yours.

O watch my steps
The straightest path
Bypassing distraction
And fixing my eyes
On righteous horizon.

O Lord hear me
My muffled cries
A lamb far off bleating, awaiting…
The Shepherd hears
Yes, He hears and He smiles.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi



“Field with Poppies” Monet

For I am pleased
With the work You have done
As I float around space
And encircle the sun.

Life is like the softness
Of a vacuumous place
On bed of clouds,
Far from the paltry pace.

O, to see the Milky Way
From the other side!
I will someday soon
I sincerely confide.

On a frictionless journey
Your face seems to fade –
But overall I know
The sojourn I’ve made

The temporal and the eternal
Are really the same
Remember! my heart,
In love you shall remain

And all days forever spent
Like a dream real with you.
My heart softly smiles at this
And your heart smiles too.


(c) Rick Stassi

enjoying moments

"Ad Marginem" Paul Klee

“Ad Marginem”
Paul Klee

pre-dawn melody
from atop a tree – announcing
new things arriving
that soon I shall see.
the sun grabs the horizon
with his hands an arising pull
up to peek upon new lands
and break a sleepy lull.
the flow of a song intertwined
with the stroke of a brush
a new melodic picture
to linger in – mind not to rush.
(c) rick