azure seas



holding your face in my hands
i gaze into azure seas
deep and vast
portals to your imagination
and glimpses into your dreams.
there is a serious
wonderment and a revealing
serious contemplation of
things only you know.
i will not ask in
as just knowing you
are within a moment’s adventure
is satisfying enough,
my lovely light.

You do no less
with your love.
allowing my dreams
and my thoughts to
wander about
circumventing all creation with
nations and oceans and mountains
and stars…
and with certainty
to alight
on your hands – my face
held gently as i gaze into
azure seas
deep and vast.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

consider time

Philip Wilson Steer "Richmond Castle"

Philip Wilson Steer
“Richmond Castle”

“But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord, in the acceptable time”
Psalm 69:13 NKJV

Where are you, days gone by? I consider the sun’s rise once again onto fog shrouded oceans of wondering eyes peering up to the heavens hoping and praying that enigmatic Time will tell his story and all he has seen.

He has seen birth and death and many things that come and go. O, how it must be so tiresome and sorrowful hearing the lonesome wails of those lost in their own limitation. Eyes locked on the perils of rotation – new day, next day, same day…

Time provides the incubated womb from which you are to think and ponder and listen – wonder. Please listen for the voice inside and outside of time on the leaves floating down streams in the rain. That voice…

God holds time in the palm of His hand and can crumble mountains and siphon oceans and dry the tears pouring from impregnated clouds with deafening thunder – blinding fury of extreme voltage creating the vacuum rapidly replaced in a clamorous din…

But all is not fury. Rest now.


There is a frail smoothness to your skin. There is a gentle nature of your cries in the night knowing a soft kiss on your forehead makes everything alright. I brush aside your hair to expose glistening blue-green eyes, small worlds in of themselves. Looking up so hopeful knowing that as time heals it also takes away. I shall hold you and say it is all beauty and blessing for those who consider time. It is there where we look beyond limitations and eternal horizons and see the face of God. Give me your hand, gentle one, and I will take you through time and never leave your side for I am beyond all time and your breaking heart breaks mine. But O the joy in your smile. Look deep into my eyes and see the universe and also see this moment for it is your time and it is fragile with billowing clouds, fragrant flora, the breeze through your hair – all complimented by a respite and meditation of time. Look upon God from velvet lea near cool still depths. He will look at you. He already is.

(C) 2014 Rick Stassi

all and all again

Claude Monet "Still Life with Roses"

Claude Monet
“Still Life with Roses”

again all is new
in soft light’s
gentle touch
warming the skin.
whispers to song in
heart’s awakening.
a new reminder that
all around us is
God’s radiance
embracing all
and all again.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

still life in elixir

"North Korea"

Artist: Sean Seal

I dreamed about a December morn
When life was drawn and cold forlorn
Doubting pleasure’s full embrace
Somber slumber more selfish pace.

Ice and frost did slow my gait
Longer evenings embodied fate
The sun slipped so fast away
Over horizon for another’s day.

The sorrow watching meted moments
I totter now upon deciding fence.
In whose world shall I fall?
Not haunting emptiness, the worst of all…

But the sun ascends in veiled rise
Shattering darkness warming eyes
I fear the light its revealing ways
Vulnerable heart feels warm rays.

This is my time out of stillness reborn
Trapped by years of masked forlorn
Upon the face of God I now look upon
December morn soon is gone.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi


Sean Seal "Michigan Supermoon"

Sean Seal
“Michigan Supermoon”

The harvest moon
i spied tonight
with his light casting
over things passing
much too quickly.
and I longed for morning
but Instead I asked him
to remember
when he was younger
so we could talk
about blessed moments
gone by.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi