moment’s sigh

"The Italian Goatherd" Camille Corot

“The Italian Goatherd”
Camille Corot

weep not for crimson light
disappearing into night
peer east for ocher’s hue
grand entrance for things new

cry not for those who leave
indulge a moment to bereave
look instead to lively eyes
which overshadow bluest skies

solemnity makes senses aware
far off light draws our stare
knowing beauty for all to come
shadows to which we shan’t succumb

there is real life in a moment’s sigh
cherished time with heaven nigh
and life if viewed by hour’s chime
shall miss this moment’s sacred time.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

morning joy



pray peace abound
where hardly a sound
invades captive seeking
when God is thus speaking

pray love pervade
those best intentions laid
upon a cold helpless heart
what God doth impart

pray hope implored
crossing at stream’s ford
the water of all living
how God is thus giving

pray eternal golden tether
our hearts all together
the house of our King
why to God’s praise we sing

(c) 2015 rick stassi


cast not away he who
strives for a slight
bit of smoldering ember
to keep a small flame burning
with its constant threat to extinguish
deep inside where darkness and
cold pervade

he offers what he has and
asks for little or nothing
heading on his way
down cold worn paths and icy fields

can I offer a glint of light
passing by him in the night?
connecting heart and soul
from my eyes that know warmth
but now hesitate

who discards him passing
without care?
pondering, do I love enough?
I struggle to know.
I implore compassion’s hand
and to see your life, tired one,
yearning for just a mite of kindness

warm and cold passing
as shadows in the same
picture walking in opposite directions.
the time is now to offer
and unite spirits
giving hope in
a small breath of wind
caught by you and kept
forever and this day.
rest now, weary one.

(c) 2015 Rick Stassi

~rest in peace, shaun~
God has a special place for you


"die pflanze und ihr feind" Paul Klee

“die pflanze und ihr feind”
Paul Klee

All pain has already
been endured.
All emotion is but a short
depleting burst to self-medicate
those impossible things
that seem desperately
beyond our reach.

When do i fully cross the line
from temporal to eternal
and allow all-
encompassing hands
to grasp
this frail and hurting
vessel that was knit
and molded to be filled –
not foolishly drained listening
to the shallow and vain
thinkers of our time
propounding thoughts
unearthed from cynical minds.

The burden of
existential weight
cannot be overcome
unless we fully understand
that all pain has already
been endured
and is borne needing
never be borne again,
by Jesus.
Who is holy and Who is lovely.

(c) 2015 Rick Stassi

once more

apple tree 1 gustav klimt

apple tree 1
gustav klimt

walk with me and tell me some more
of the things that will be and others before
let my thoughts wander upon billowy sky
heavenly melody lends favor to broken heart’s cry
sun’s low-cast sunset on autumn windy chill
winter ice gathers upon my mind’s frosted sill
o, tell me a tale of my life once more
embellishing nothing from present to yore
i miss those days that begged no toil
bringing lighthearted glimpses into determined night’s oil
i wander with you upon times so true
and smile as you promise me all things new.

(c) 2015 Rick Stassi