graceful path

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Beautiful is this path unfolding
Before each step with
Purposeful glances
Left and right, hope and trust.
Would poppies draw close my thoughts?
Or soft green grass beneath my feet
With souls upon cloudy landing
Each step imprints a day…

Or a moment
And I see a fair
Beauty in your soft eyes
Gently caressing away
Almost forgotten times
Such peace with you here
I am whole and poppies grow
Just as the birds fly
Without care for tomorrow.

And you speak
Into my longing heart:

“You are as the grasses
And birds flying about
The floating clouds and
Lowing cows of spring.
Summer rains nourishing, cleansing
With Winter’s dreaming
Upon shorter nights
Diminishing fears
Anxious not for
Days not yet here.

For only I know tomorrow
And your time is now
In lavender breaths
Lovely and beautiful
Walking steadily forth
On graceful path.”

(c) 2015 rick stassi