i am sure the sun will rise
and awaken silent sleepy eyes
bringing radiant waves of light
warming skin cooled from the night

i am sure, as sure as can be
that rain begins upon the sea
giving flowers and grasses green
a glimpse of heaven, eternally serene

i am sure that God above
will complete me with abundant love
this confidence did come to me
from gracious gift and life set free

(c) 2015 rick stassi


Maid Sitting in the Garden at Eragny Artist: Camille Pissarro

Maid Sitting in the Garden at Eragny
Artist: Camille Pissarro

Your oversight of precious worth
Sustaining life apart from mirth
Blind to glances of loving care
Leaving lost senses unaware

Despair’s song the mourning dove sings
You were meant to hear such things
Shadows hide the sunlit glare
In hidden darkness a lifeless lair

But O, the mist of early rain
A calming tear is cry’s refrain
And I look into inviting eyes wide
Into your soul readiness implied

When will you see a clear reflection
From glassy pool receive affection
It is not your emptiness that looks at me
‘Tis abiding Spirit who rests in thee.

(c) 2015 rick stassi



Artist: Paul Signac

will you smile
on wandering path
that leads from
the end of childhood
to the presence
of today’s sunlight?

will you smile
from destructive choice
and thoughts of injured
past to the willful
audience with the
Lord listening above?

will you smile
at things once amiss
or a mother’s kiss
and tales of imagination
a stolen glance upward
to a Guardian gaze?

will you smile
at what life has
wrought with mishaps
and forgiven mistakes
but bearing no
certain misgivings?

will you smile
because love abounds
on ripples and breezes
from all who listen but moreover
from God who takes delight
in your perfect smile.

(c) 2015 rick stassi


Artist: Claudiu Presecan

Artist: Claudiu Presecan

the swallow dips for one
fresh drink upon the glass surface
of a lake
disrupting an all-azure reflection
with determined ripples
on this clear day
when thoughts stray
on an infinite line
pausing to take a rest
without veering – knowing
no left or right –
to join as one with a point
on a sphere’s circumference
prior to heading to ever distant
and far away dreamland.
This moment in time
perfectly touching heaven
at one point
Divinely ordained for you and I
to meet unplanned and unexplained
to walk together in each other’s life
and share dreams and wonders
with soulful wisdom
and heartfelt love
in light beyond
what we could muster
on our own.
This now is our time
to see the ladder
dreamed by Jacob
given by God
Jesus our Bridge
so not to have blind faith
but to see God
and know God.
This time, our time,
at the intersection
of heaven and earth.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

with clouds

monet 11


though darkened glass fails to show
optimistic smiles and hopeful
strides in life on the
other side where childhood is
never ending even as age lurks about
seeking a foothold in the heart
and soul aside from
his already mortal stranglehold
on the flesh.
with darkened mirror
heart and soul fail
to connect to the golden fields
and the armada of billowy clouds
giving the sun periodic respite
while parading in fanfare
of ethereal melody
upon breezes of beautiful
dynamic blissful life.
shall I see my face and forget
or shall I see the face of God
and remember that the temporal
vessel we reside within
will fade as jonquil upon the
river’s edge but the soul
overwhelms all still life
as glass elucidates with
true glowing faith
and reveals all good things
on fields of gold
with clouds

(c) 2015 rick stassi