and i thought

Artist: Claude Monet

Artist: Claude Monet

dreaming of so far away
where upon tufts
of moss I lie gazing up lost in
hues of forever on new petals
of Spring’s awakening emitting
the joy of a peaceful bliss…

and i thought i saw your face blush
when i told you God loves you so much

your bare feet and laughter
with vanity cast to scorn
all is so well in these peaceful days
i look into your deep blue green eyes
to see the soul of light –
a lasting godly reflection…

and i thought i saw a tear drop
when i told you God is with you always

and meadows meant to
harbor life and vibrant colors
ever-reaching tiny hands up,
up to the pale blue
sky in sunshine and moonlight
now my heart sings at such mirth…

and i thought i saw you smile
when i told you in God you are perfectly made

(c) 2015 rick stassi



Reasoning held afloat
by caustic visions
and venomous tongue
within walls built to
keep one’s rationale in
and One truth out.

Soon time will exact
its due reward for
being the guardian
of hope as wistful
eyes seek a pardon
from sorrowful life sentence

And heart and soul
will reconcile at the meeting
of sea and sand
where the light of eternity
comes to those who listen
and cry for others who follow

(c) 2015 rick stassi



Artist: Georges Seurat

a breeze and a sigh now
each grasping at your
inquisitive uncertain being
within your shadows

the sigh expels things
enamored yesterday
but cast out today
under new lights

the breeze beckons
and pushes you to places
unseen but trusted
in tomorrow’s eyes

your spirit sways
gently about in waves
of hope and forgiveness
-breezes and sighs

and you see azure
skies kissed by
viridian seas at the
point of forever

(c) 2015 rick stassi

all things now

Artist: Edgar Degas

Artist: Edgar Degas

O how I wish I could float
among the clouds
looking upon trees and mountains
of astounding years
and flowers showing off
beautiful colors from
a watercolor palette
and waters blue vying
to steal attention
from the sky, settling
for a warm sun kissed smile
from He who presented
to the world when time was young,
all things,
when you and I were inquisitive
and wanderers within our own minds
seeing many wonders resting
upon clouds and the voyaging moon
satisfied in ellipses sure and steady
from He who created all things.
how i ponder the lightness of
mist rising among shards of predawn
glimpses of sunlight.
My soul is carefree and
meets time to walk hand
in hand to a new day
worried not for I am reminded
yesterday is in time’s pocket
and my desire is to watch clouds
float in all things now
and to dream of You
my peace, my sanctuary, my God.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

O Poor Man


O poor man you so quickly give up
when diverse atmosphere
shrouds an otherwise happy
moment grasped onto as securely
as climbing a rope of cascading sand.

Life is nothing more than a
failed memory, joy faded,
peace penetrated, melody unresolved
in chords connected to hope in your
unsettled soul’s symphony.

Existential nightmare of
a vacant horizon accepting
your last step – the only hope
there must be something
in your self-convincing argument

I pity you yet i love you.
In your eyes I see the redness of
many tears and the preponderance
of failure to find purpose
in a world that demands it.

I can offer a hand
so to reassure you in your dread
in that moment when
argument does not convince,
that there is hope.

Alas, your arrogant rejection
opts for the weight of the world upon
shoulders of hope certainly lost.
Your cries of pain and loathing
fearing the next certain moment.

Know poor man –
the curious will seek
and the cynical shall retreat
but the finder always rests and
the outstretched hand of God

With peering eyes of peace
He shall surely inspire you
with an eternal perspective
begging you poor man
to never give up.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

the hues of above

Je suis l'artiste

Je suis l’artiste

heart empties of blue and gray
from those early times of great dismay
avarice and vanity flee
while temptation cries out selfish plea
the cowardice of the pitiful swarm
with ego away in supercilious storm
energizing color will soon adhere
to welcoming pale of a sad old year
and you shall know the source of these
as to His glory you shalt appease
the fruits of goodness come to be
from heavenly hue to rest upon thee.

(c) 2015 rick stassi