the-seine-at-argenteuil-1875O disdain so sleight and lurking
presently on demeanor working
soft darkness of the under-cloud
here not seen sun’s shine so proud
the grimace of another day
puts smile on hold in rapt display
and cherish comes in arms so wide
dreaming of a cloud’s other side.

(c) 2016 rick stassi



you encircle my dreams
in childlike wisps of breezes.
capturing every thought
like deep wintry freezes.

the memory of you
is still all too near.
your old blanket i have
such fragrance held dear.

and when eyes are set
upon a new day,
I remember in heaven
is now where you play.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

discordance wanes



Discordance wanes
but words still
do not come easy.
How pondering and wondering
hold sway.
I see resonance wax
in pleasing hope
waiting to see
that part of me
where soft light-
from inward deep-
keeps me from falling.
O, how attempts at
defeating gravity
and absolutes
leaves me in
But the soft light
is not so subtle!
Permeating into my being
probing soulfully:

Who am I?

It matters not
where i wish to go
or who I wish to be
as all things about me –
here and there-
are kept close to
the Creator.
This causes joy
and begs illuminating thought.
All in all
we are of God and
selfish countenance
transcends to heir
and servant to give all
back now in meted increments
that which has been
gracefully given.

(c) 2015 rick stassi