apple tree sean

Sean Seal

Replenish me Spring sun.
O rays upon my winter skin,
Subtle and certain rains.

Alight on sapling’s
Now unfurling leaves
Reaching for heaven.

Alas the dove mourning
And cows lowing
In dew-mist adorned straw.

Grasses subtle in mixture
Of golds and greens –
death and birth.

The renewal of Spring
Is promised each day
As eyes in earnest look high.

And God returns gaze as
We breathe and a breeze
Sighs in tranquil peace.

(c) 2016 rickstassi



sunflower- vg

when winding down
roads of thought
drawn deeply into a
devising mind
countered with a
steadfast heart,

do things of life,
life that has been lived
and described by countless ones
remaining still unique to me,
continue to surprise?

I shall rest confident
God will always
be there and
sunflowers forever
look to heaven.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi