Peasants beneath Trees at Moret by Camille Pissarro

Peasants beneath Trees at Moret by Camille Pissarro

For God
so loved the world
that He gave
His only begotten
that whoever believes
in Him
should not perish
but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

bluer skies


I was lost at bluer skies
seeking depth within your eyes
beautiful strands of wisdom away
sad melancholy countenance sway

billowy vessels cast darkened floe
o’er lazy fields tarnished meadow
why do i resist distant call
that frequents ear spring and fall

for I wish to rest pour out my soul
humility transcends prideful toll
descend now from higher ground
pleasure nods soft and sound

how I’ve sought this pleasing cool
respite near inviting pool
greener lea softens where i trod
quiet sanctuary with my God.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

quiet days



how resilient is
your translucent skin
soft and resistant to fallen
drops of sullen days gone by
there is peace in your eyes
uncertain wilting smile
where i seek solace
wondering often
if we shall ever
walk in moonlit
meadows again
or look to heaven
to ask God for more time
and joyous sanctuary
hallowed in quieter days

soft grasses


“Portrait of Maya 1938”- Pablo Picasso

A wisp of air,
an atmospheric sigh,
intertwines in fields
of soft pale grasses.
a reminder of spirit
unseen yet always felt.
it is time to breathe
to weep and smile – relive
times not too far behind.

I see your eyes,
kind and surreal,
watching from clouds.
You continue to see
what you failed to live –
a dream of sorts,
on a breeze through
soft grasses,
a sigh from heaven

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

Lovely Eyes

i am a feather
floating softly
to and fro
upon gentle sighs.
i am there
with eyes aloft
as self dimishes
and purpose rises
to newer ways.
seeing the older times
fail like passing melodies
i can no longer hear.
O where is my sunrise?
I will not succumb to
sleepy sunset.
the surge of hopeful
tide shall not be
dashed upon desperate
stones and faraway shore..
and You are there with
encouraging glimpses
into my inner man
glancing  to and fro
while weightless sighs
vanish into
lovely eyes.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi