pressing into better days
dreaming of sun’s warming rays
dreary darkness failing release
when icy winds surely cease
and beyond horizon where eyesight ends
to God my optimistic heart extends.

(c) 2017 rickjstassi

summer’s eve


I don’t remember Monday

Storm clouds roiling at night

Or Tuesday’s icy morning

Swan horn upon meadow’s flight

Then Wednesday and her north wind strong

Urging bow in sapling tree

Thursday’s ever growing days

That hopeful eyes shall see

In Friday’s sultry evening’s rest

Cicada’s rhythmic satisfied  sound

Saturday’s warm moonlit nights

To our hearts joy shall abound

I shall remember Sunday

The secrets of summer’s eve

Trusting in our Lord above

All sorrow thus shall leave.

(c) 2017 rickJstassi



love, faith, trust

I rarely feel,
in uncertain times,
I will see passage
to more forgiving climes.
Even knowing,
in steadfast love,
that passage begins
with descending dove.
Thus i forge ahead
where sea weds air,
and draw upon faith
for countenance fair.
But for closure to
this daily plod
it is trust that completes
this path to God.

(c) 2017 rick stassi