infinity mine


van gogh

I have thought beyond daily toil
and seen hope rendered useless
with simple conjecture.
My self is vanity and
a soul satisfied in ego
is sorrowful emptiness.
Alas help me grasp
the planar vision of Jesus
with all of life
contained within four sides – each line
seeking the infinite dutifully in each direction.
I am the plane and emptiness subsides,
grasping each contained point
with each cell of my being.
O number these days
in sanctuary
with the Lord
and fill me with
Light and Love
and hope anew.
I am a being of God
and my every breath expels
vanity and inhales

(c) 2017 rick stassi



Loriann Signori

I stumbled upon a winter day
Where darkness stole my smile away
But before I should be overcome
I remembered Jesus is where I’m from.

I happened on an autumn night
Fraught with sadness void of light
And as the lamp depleted oil
I remembered God to whom I’m loyal.

I found new hope in a springtime breeze
Dew has risen above green leas
Heart’s elation as joy draws nigh
Praise is given to the Lord on high.

Alas the sultry summer morn
Sleeping and feasting altogether forlorn
Before I shall succumb to sloth
I remember in Christ is eternal growth.

(c) 2017 rickjstassi

Upon Grassy Knoll


Flailing arms
In a panicked sea
Determined currents
Fashioned for me.
Are there vessels
That purposefully float
On meaningful ways
Ushered by words God wrote?
Should I swim
Against icy torrent
Listlessly failing
All motivation spent,
Or calmly believe
Life for eternity
Is more than existing
In trifled monotony.
I weep for those
In existential pride
Who toil all their days
To hear purposed confide.
A whisper of truth
Flies far overhead
This moment’s reveal
Now left for dead.
And hope appears
On ancient scroll
That finds me at peace
Upon grassy knoll.

(c) 2017 Rick Stassi

peace begins

van-gogh-winterI lose a tear for future times
hoarfrost blankets in icy rimes
thoughts pervade optimistic stance
growing cold my countenance.

should I choose life temporally drawn
such choice becomes paths soon walked upon
and faint becomes the eternal draw
as time erodes in restless gnaw

then darkened senses wisp away
sooner seen on newfound day
and glory comes on deeper love
as peace begins with descending dove

(c) 2017 rick j stassi

into your eyes seen


lift me upward
beyond the tethered grasp
of this mortal time

beyond places dreamt
where crimson sky
meets azure waters

into your eyes seen
windows beyond
windows within

speak to me
in words of love
to make me cry

i hear in your voice
my visions to life
in a gentle calling

into your truth known
windows beyond
windows within

counsel me
in paths of growth
so I feel safe

direction so clear
the brambled way
bitterly subside

into your voice learned
windows beyond
windows within

(c) 2017 rick stassi

meadows green


I long to see the lighter side
where troubled heart shall soon abide
engaging glances from heavenly will
seeking refuge in waters still.
I want to see the warming sky
where mind contemplates God on high
enraging a world so temporally serene
finding rest on meadows green.

(c) 2017 rickjstassi