straighter roads


Camille Pissarro

I tread
on paths
thoughtfully prepared
with sight
not on tomorrow –
or yesterday,
but here with me now.
the certainty
that i fall short
is gracefully
embraced on
straighter roads –
and always and ever
the sun settles
on the point between
God and man.


life, afterall

Pierre-Eugene Montezin

What is life, afterall?
The waning time from summer to fall.
Winter’s sting shall take its toll,
In springtime thus a reborn soul.
Reborn on ground or there above,
For certain born in holy love.
Afterall, earth run its course,
But heaven shall ever shun remorse.
Gone too soon and hearts asunder
gives rise to doubts of heaven’s wonder.
But persevere and shed your tears,
God lovingly casts off our fears.

…for Isaiah Bernstein. Now with the Lord.