eternal life


Mary Cassatt

Morning comes on judgement day,
Cool breeze crisp in gentle sway.
Have I success in eternal rise?
Or fearful fall into earthly guise.
When the sun shall set this night,
It’s with my God dear hearts unite.

(c) 2011-2019 rick j stassi


the narrow line


The narrow line
between Earth and Sky
the softness of your gaze.
The hope instilled
in gentle breeze
reminding of your ways.
I drift along
the earth and sky
in self-determined might
Until such time
I contemplate
a worthless daily fight.
In reflection
I’m astonished by
persistence toward my heart.
In times that pass
and future awaiting
Love shall not soon part.

(c) 2011 – 2019 rick j stassi