these times

“Sail at moonrise” Rick Stassi 2022

These times shall occur,

Oft wanted so,

A loving touch

A celestial glow.

Eyes that look

Deep into despair,

To carry the burden,

My heart cannot bear.

Rick Stassi (c) 2011-2022

What if Adam?

What if when God created Adam

He created all people as one.

Adam is woman,

He is Man,

He is all races,

All identities,

All preferences.

He is all pronouns and

All people that ever would walk

This world.

Can you imagine this


(c) 2022 Rick Stassi

Perfect Love

Do I really

float upon

whimsical seas?



in random breeze.

Or does hope

arrive on

descended dove.

To lead,

to nurture,

with perfect love.

(C) 2021 Rick Stassi


Berthe Morisot

peering deep inside my soul,

fearless abyss awaits

my curious and peering eyes.


in the solitude of


a black hole absorbs

light and childhood frivolity

holding onto the last glimpse

of innocence.

Why can I not see in to what

secretly peers out of the void?

I lost so many parts of my self

without a sound.

without knowing,

the dull pain of sadness

swallows carefree levity and

forgotten memories.

Holding sway, is

the stagnate air


lost dreams I never knew

I had.

(c) 2021 Rick Stassi

My Father’s Love


Clinging on to

wings of grief.

Fading, falling,

Autumn Leaf.

If I should bear a trifle more,

I fear I’d burst

to crystalline hoar.

Longing outward to

guardian gaze,

on deeper waters

soon to laze

to know then

as already known,

in my Father’s love

I’m never alone.

(c) 2021 Rick Stassi