In me


Craving closeness,

Resisting watchful eyes.

Pushing away

The very one

Who sees in me

That which

I  do not.



beautiful day


Beautiful day,
hold me tight.
Show me birds
in high blue flight.
Show me bare branches
once clothed in green.
Show me fields of
waves serene.
Help me look beyond
things i can touch.
To see God’s eyes,
I love so much.



O shimmering moon –
setting on sorrow.
Watcher of the night,
sleepy eyes hopeful
for optimistic awakening.

Dreamers lament,
old thoughts drift,
impending rebirth.

Even daylight awaits
your departure.
Your countenance unfailing,
you hear the whispers
of the darkened sky.

temporal winds



Temporal winds blown
leave me tarnished
and scratched in
brambled insults
to character once
clearly defined –
but alas
now swaying
in crippling breeze.

Where is hope
in such places?
How easily I forget
that Jacob’s ladder
from heaven to earth
is gilded in truth
and love and extended
to my heart for my eyes
to see the face of God.


Rick Stassi

October 22, 2018