Brother Ruudy – Soroti Uganda

A few years ago, on a social media forum, I met Ruudy. He was a political activist in Kampala, Uganda. During our early friendship he experienced many trials as there was a presidential election approaching. With the opposition seeking to stay in power.  It was a hard and testing time for a Christian political activist.

After a time of great duress, I spoke with Ruudy and we talked about ministry in Uganda as opposed to political activism. Together we explored possibilities. I suggested even the smallest of work for God would be better than the dealings of man (not exactly, but as I remember).

He left activism and after a few telephone conversations from his home in the village of Soroti, we parted ways for awhile.

Now, I found he got married through a mutual friend in South Africa. He is working and happy. I look forward to the day when we can pray together again. Soon, I believe.

Here is his wedding photo. His wife is Beckie.

Praise God for His miracles and His love, Ruudy. You will always be a loving brother.

Ruudy and Beckie's Wedding

Ruudy and Beckie’s Wedding



May 26, 2013

This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Ruudy and Beckie over Skype in Soroti. It was so nice to see joy only the Lord can provide. I pray for many more times to talk!


Our Story

God is gracious and faithful to his word and promises. After a period of turmoil an soul searching, losing property and feeling inadequate, God gave me a job as a social worker with one of the children’s organization.
On the morning of the interview, I met a lady who was also short listed for interviews and we looked at each other long and hard. We each thought we had at least met somewhere but after we had hugged an greeted each other, we discovered we had never met physically. However, we both passed the interviews; I was the best male and she was the best female.
We started work as friends and we started praying together and one day we sat and we were discussing about relationships. I told Berna that I was still waiting on the lord for a wife and I told her what qualities I was looking for. She told me about her friend from Michigan whom she said was exactly the person I was describing. I felt joy and peace in my heart and at once I knew God had brought us together for this purpose.
After a while, Beckie visited our office, she had brought a cake to Berna as part of the thanks giving celebration. I looked at her once and instantly I knew she would be my wife! I got her number a few days later and we went for a date for the first time. I was nervous and straight away told her I wanted to marry her; something that took her by surprise and created some doubt.
After a year and some months of dating and knowing each other, we got engaged and had a very beautiful and memorable wedding on the 6th of April.

My wife is a missionary from Michigan. She works with International Teams in Soroti. She is working with the former Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) abducted youths that Kony had taken from Teso. These youth came back traumatized and society usually treats them with suspicion. She takes them for programs such as freedom in Christ, father heart encounter, transformation of the heart, bible studies, among others. Its amazing to see what God is doing in the lives of these young people, hearing their testimonies, seeing them freely worship the lord and serve their communities and families, it’s a great spectacle.
I have joined her in this direction, I have volunteered with youth programs and with street children. I feel passionate about working with the vulnerable and hope that one day, I will live peacefully with many children in an orphanage.

Right now, we are trying to raise for funds more partners to help us go to a Father Heart School in New Zealand in September for three month. We feel God wants us to attend this school and learn more about father’s love for us so that we can pour this love back to the world since you can not give what you don’t have. International Teams in Soroti hopes to build a youth transformation discipleship center and we have been requested to help teach the youth about father’s love when the center starts next year hence making our trip to New Zealand a must.

Thank you Rick for standing with me during those hard times, thank you for the prayers over the phone, for praying together at the same time, I hold you and the sisters in south Africa very highly. Thank you for the encouragement to do God’s work an granting me a platform here to share what the wonderful savior is doing in my life, all I can say is; God bless you, we love you and pray for you.

Ruudy and Beckie.

I am in tears… Ruudy. God has blessed you immensely. Can we expect anything less? My love to you and Beckie. I pray someday to break bread together. In Christ. -Rick

8 thoughts on “Brother Ruudy – Soroti Uganda

  1. Hey brother, been long! Thanks for all that you are doing for the Lord! I look forward to talking to you real soon. Many blessings from Uganda!


  2. Praise the Lord, all ye his saints, praise him forever more! A few years a go, i had a vision of reaching out to schools with the gospel and Rick and I had started a page on facebook called Bibles blessing Soroti. This effort hit a snag, but i never stopped dreaming and praying for the school ministry.
    Late last year, i led a group of members from our church in discussions on what we can do as a body of Christ to help communities around us improve. With much prayers from our prayers teams both in Uganda and the states, we were able to register a local community based organization called Loveworld Community Development Initiative (LOCODI), which you can by the way like on facebook. Our two main activities were to help sponsor orphaned kids who could not afford to go even to the least schools available, and then also start sexual purity clubs in schools to teach about abstinence with all the emphasis that can be put forward.
    Today, we have 42 kids profiled, 15 already sponsored and we believe the others will soon be sponsored as well and every school we went to asking for permission to start purity clubs said “YES” and today, we have pending requests from other schools who also want us to start the same in their schools, but we can’t because we already have enough on our plate for now! I have preached in all these three schools so far and over 200 students have received Christ! Now the discipleship work starts and this brings me right back to our former initiative with Rick about Bibles. There’s a great and urgent need for Bibles here. please pray about this need together with many other needs that we have, that the Lord will supply and provide us with the tools that we need to keep moving forward. Truly, God is a good God and i will never stop praising his name, hallelujah!


  3. Praise the Lord! This brought me memories of Soroti. I did my O’levels and then moved to Lugazi. I became a Christian in 1984 in Toronto, ON. Canada. May the Lord God continue to strengthen you to do the work of God.

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