brothers and sisters

For my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please comment, say hi, write, write, write:

Please write something with love and a blessing for someone.

Please make a prayer request.

Please write a poem.

Please show your heart for God with praise

Please say Hi!

Thank you for being there for me

Thank you for your love for Jesus

Thank you for your inspiration

Thank you for being in my life

Thank you for your emanating peace

For all of you, I thank God. Amen.

34 thoughts on “brothers and sisters

  1. YHWH In Heaven,

    Bless this faithful servant of yours
    and his response to Your call to service.

    He SEEKS Your calling;
    he stands ready to do Your bidding,
    to play his role in Your plan.

    Continue to guide, inspire, and invest
    Your Holy Wisdom
    in this most faithful servant.

    Allow him to emanate the joy
    of the Holy Spirit;
    for his sake,
    for our sake,
    that Your will be done.

    We ask this in the name of Christ Jesus.


  2. “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Thess 5:23 (KJV)



    YHWH In Heaven,

    Continue to watch over those
    whose winding paths bring them here.

    Help them understand
    from what your willing servant
    presents here in words,
    that their circumstances,
    their tribulations,
    are not unique,
    but rather, shared by others,
    many others, like their Brother here;
    that those trials are NOT insurmountable,
    but rather, conquerable in God,
    as Brother Rick’s life and testament here
    bear witness to.

    May his insight continue to
    clarify, focus, and amplify Your Light
    that illuminates our paths
    in the world You created for us.
    May his words continue to embrace, comfort, and inspire
    those whom You lead to this journal.

    For as your willing servant Rick knows well,
    they seek not him,
    but rather, You, ABBA Father.

    We ask this in the name of our Savior
    Christ Jesus.

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  4. I was looking for a certain verse in the bible the other day and came across this:

    Romans chapter 13 vs 10 – ‘Love does no harm to a neighbour. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.’

    Which just makes me think,
    HOW wonderful is it that walking in the love of the Lord with one another is actually fulfilling His law – when you compare it to the laws here in the world we live in? At the end of the day after all the paperwork/politics/watching the news etc all that matters is that we love the Lord with the love He put inside us and to show it every day – when we give our days to Him and always walk in Him and have faith, the Lord honors that and in return always is right behind us, helping us, refreshing us.
    Let us always be thankful for the Lord has a plan (that He works towards every single day) and asks us to love.

    Take care
    Pamela x

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    • Amen. Thank you for posting. It is a loving and heart-felt addition to this fellowship. I am truly grateful and blessed.

      As I wrote earlier. I will also publish poetry of any type on your own page. You will find a page set aside for you on the blog. let me know whenever you want! Your loving brother in Christ. Rick

      Peace and love


    • Also I might add, I gave my life to Jesus Christ on the very premise of love. With unconditional, servant, Agape love, the world really can be a better place. Bless you elegant-pamela-writing-prose. x


      • Oh I only just saw this! Wowow, isn’t it amazing how all falls into place with the Lord. Hehe thank you x Anything you need prayer for that I can put on this week’s list? : )


    • Please always pray for me! I pray for many people each day. There are days when I have a hard time getting out of my own head. That’s when I need help and God’s strength. I appreciate you asking. I also thought: you are welcome to submit painting, stories, photos – anything of you would like to share! I will hold a page open for you. Be blessed always.


  5. I was just putting the email together for you, and I am working on some paintings at the moment so you can have those soon! Thank you very much, and sorry it has taken so long, just so busy with work!

    Anytime! – Always feel free to tell me anything you need prayer for : ) So happy to help


  6. Here is a haiku for you inspired by John 3:16
    He reigns over all
    His love covers the whole earth
    He rains over all
    Blessings ~ Wendy
    PS – We don’t earn or deserve his love. But blessed are those who trust in it.


  7. Thank you for your writing and sharing your thoughts with all through your great blog! I love your recent post on “submission.” Surrender to God is so liberating when you know that deep peace and love of a risen savior in Christ… who walks with us and teaches us daily. That message was right on time for me today. May your writing continue to inspire, strengthen and provide courage for those facing trials and challenges who stop by to read. Ecclesiastes 11:5
    “As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”
    God bless! ~ Stephanie


  8. I wrote this in 2010 when my dad was suffering with cancer- it’s a prayer of sorts.

    Our existence
    Our frailty
    Our lives
    But a breath
    Unseen deliverance
    Our death
    Eternal joy for the faithful
    A brilliant walking from the shadows
    To stand in the light of the Son

    His promise is sure! (C.H. Spurgeon)

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  9. The letter
    As I ponder a story of hope
    While writing an account of the days
    We talked and ran across fields
    Crossing time and covering
    Trials with joy
    Building a strong foundation
    Right over your broken dreams
    We prayed we read we dreamt
    A new life without shame

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    • I always like to remind myself that we have the ability to “cover our trials with joy”. It is comforting to know that in a trial we are molded by the hands of God. That is joy. God bless you.


  10. oops the “like” wasn’t supposed to be there! Anyway I wrote this last night while I was in process of preparing a letter to social worker regarding a child we recently fostered. He couldn’t stay very long-but we are thankful to have a chance to share the love of Christ!

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    My Sikh parents from Punjab, India were living in Jinja, Uganda when I was born. As I grew up in this African Country my parents sought to teach me the ways of Sikhism. I became dissatisfied with all the ritual and ceremony of it. I learned the Bible at school and began earnestly search for a living relationship with God when I was 12. As I passed into my teenage years I began suffer from depression. This was hightened when I was 17 because my father sent my mother, brother and three sisters to India. I was left alone with my Dad.

    My relationship with my Dad nose-dived. One afternoon, I locked myself in my room, wrote suicide note and swallowed a bottle of Codeine tablets. I experienced a bright light shinning into my room. I thought then I had left the earth but I was shocked to discover that I had survived my suicide attempt. I tell you this so that you know what anxiety I was going through. I began praying to God, convinced that He was there and asked Him to help me. (This was all by faith. My picture of God was a Holy Man up in the sky looking down)

    When I was 20, the terror campaign under Idi-Amin was destroying Uganda. My father fled to India and then to England. I came to Canada and found a good job in Montreal and everything seemed good. I forgot all about my family and about God. I became very immoral person and began to drink heavily and smoking. I became easily irritated and arrogant.

    In 1979, I moved to Hamilton and was working at Mc Master University Medical Center. At age 30, for the first time I felt that I needed someone very close to me. I was sitting in a cafeteria, distressed, thinking about God and asked Him to find me a woman. Suddenly, I heard an audible voice which led me to London, Ontario. I started to work at a hospital and one day a young woman was wheeled past me on a stretcher. I heard another audible voice say to me, “marry this young woman”
    I went to her room and found her reading a Bible. She had recently become a Christian. I told her not to worry that God would heal her from this stroke. The next day I asked her to marry me and she agreed. (She had also heard the Lord tell her to marry me)
    We were married two years later (1984) while on our honeymoon in the United States; I met some of my new relatives who were Christians. They were Uncle Walter and Aunt Martha. This elderly couple was very loving. We read the Bible together every day and their conversation was always focused on Jesus. I really felt the presence of Jesus and love of Christ for the first time. Before we returned to Canada, Uncle Walter asked prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to reveal Himself to me. I had so wanted the peace that I had seen in this old couple’s lives.

    Back home in Canada, I yearned for that peace. I remembered a time in Africa when a Christian native had talked to me about Jesus. I also remembered that he had this peace also. I dreaded continuing to live the way I had. The Lord convicted me and began to earnestly seek God’s face and reveal Himself to me.

    We were living in Toronto and one Sunday morning we went to this fellowship where our aunt Martha suggested. Under the conviction, I repented of my sins and believed upon the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.

    At this time, I was working at a children’s hospital in Toronto.
    I really started to enjoy reading the Bible but was afraid to witness for Jesus. I became ashamed of the Gospel for fear of losing my job. My wife and I backslid. We and our three girls lived a hundred miles outside of Toronto. I was traveling over five hours a day and working at least eight. I was always tired and never seemed to have time for our children.

    In 1988, my wife and I came under heavy conviction of the Spirit. He let us know that we were not living the way He wanted. We repented of our ways and rededicated our lives to Christ. Under His guidance, we moved to Hamilton, Ontario. We were baptized in water and the Lord delivered me from alcohol and gave me a new wine of the Holy Spirit. We began walking a consistent Christian life and opened our home to a Bible Study. As I started growing further in the Lord, not only He delivered me from drinking but He also delivered me from fear of men. We witnessed boldly for the Lord. He has remained faithful over all these years.( The Lord had also healed my wife from the stroke)

    As I no longer had a job, we had to trust the Lord for everything. He graciously provided all our needs as we continued to trust Him daily. After 6 months my trust faltered. Instead of praying first, I took a job. Almost immediately we were harassed by creditors. Soon we were without food. My joy and peace departed.

    One night as I was reading my Bible and Lord spoke to my heart to put my trust in Him and not in my abilities or a job and I was not in His Will. I repented of what I had done and I quit that job.
    Immediately the Lord provided and we experienced His wonderful supply once more. I had learned a hard lesson. Soon a job offer came. After prayer, took the post and I felt the Lord would have me to take. “The Lord led us people for them to a blessing to us and to be a blessing to them.”
    At the close of 1990, the Lord told us to be free of all debt, sell our home and give away everything. My job also came to end at this time. He told us to go to the United States. Then some missionary friends phoned us and mentioned that a house on a 2 acre property is reserved for us in Florida. We moved to this home on this site in Englewood, Florida. We again started preaching the Gospel, led bible studies and landscaped this property.

    After about 6 weeks the Lord spoke to me through a dream. I told my wife about this dream and waited. I had no money to go anywhere. We had packed again and waiting upon the Lord.
    The next morning we received a check from the Canadian Government. This money was more than enough for us to travel.
    I did exactly what was in the dream. I drove my wife and the children to Aunt Martha in Royston, Georgia and left for Atlanta and continued my trip to Marietta, Georgia. This is where the Lord wanted to station us. I got the job and the hospital arranged for a work permit.

    The greatest blessing has been when the salvation of God in peoples lives. It has been a wonderful to see the Lord heal sick bodies as well as sick souls. One in particular comes to my mind. His name is John. He had a brain tumor. I shared some scriptures and prayed with him. After I prayed for him, he mentioned to me that he is a catholic. I told him all it maters if you believe on Jesus Christ you will be saved and he believed. His surgeon removed a tumor fairly big size John had been told that it would be long time recovering from the operation. The day after the operation he was walking and talking normally. He was sent home after 2 weeks. The surgeon confessed that he had seen nothing like this.

    The surgeon also mentioned that it had to be God who performed this miracle. (The surgeon experienced no complications and the procedure went very smoothly)
    Another is Jack. He had been diagnosed as suffering from terminal cancer. He had been to church all his life, but he had never known the salvation of Jesus. He believed on the Lord Jesus and he received not only salvation but miraculous touch. He had been given just one month to live. He is still going strong, playing golf, traveling the country and witnessing for the Lord.

    In 1994 my parents visited us and upon returning to England my mother took ill. During this time my job ended and we flew to see her. The Lord God opened the doors for me to work in England. This town is situated on the east coast called south -end-on-sea, in the Essex County. I worked at a community hospital for almost three years and in 1997 returned back to Canada. We have moved back to Hamilton, Ontario and this where we felt the Lord wanted us to raise our family and we continue to Home-School our children. I am truly thankful to our Holy God for His guidance in our lives.

    I must also thank God, in spite of all the trials or hardships come on the way; He always teaches us the lessons of life.
    From the high mountains to the deep valleys the Lord God is with us as we put our trust in Him. We have been set free from bondages. I and my household will serve the Lord always. The Lord Jesus provides salvation. With this salvation comes the Lord Jesus and all His blessings. I praise God for His wonderful love.

    “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; for whom He loves, He chastens and scourges every son whom He receives.” Therefore, look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. Hebrews: 12:2(a) and 5(b)- 6

    A Sikh came from a dead guru to a Living Christ in 1984

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