moments like these


Mary Cassatt

dream softly.
feel air brush
across somber
downcast eyes.
see more
than the
night desires.
alone, pass from
sorrow to joy
within an
love purposed
for moments
like these.

(c) rick stassi


cassatt girl

Held aloft in December mist,
Summer vessel at full list.
The innocence once held so tight,
Now windward chill and icy blight.
Arriving nigh the River brink,
Awaiting call to chalice drink.

(C)2011-2020 Rick Stassi



Mary Cassatt “The Child’s Caress” 

Autumn prepares slumber
For Summer’s final despair and
Quiet transition
From optimism to the
Reality of shorter days.

(c) 2011 – 2019 Rick Stassi