blue eyes


calming warmth
alights upon my heart
as wintry chill fades away
dissipated by your blue eyes
both of guardian and child –
one the author of love
the other the deliverer
in godly obedience.

…for Dana

2019 Rick Stassi

faithful spring



cradle my soul
with thoughts of you
enlighten my sight
above crimson and blue

fashion my desires
toward seeing your eyes
deeply reflecting
comfort arise

how can I
among these masses
hear true love beat
in a heart as it passes

ground me forever
on growing warmth knolls
away from the tumult
of thrashing sopped shoals

and dreaming softly
of melody rising
resolving chaotic chord
our hearts thus apprising

so rest us now
away winter’s sting
as pleasing wind winnows
with God’s faithful spring

(c) 2016-2017 rick stassi