Upon Grassy Knoll


Flailing arms
In a panicked sea
Determined currents
Fashioned for me.
Are there vessels
That purposefully float
On meaningful ways
Ushered by words God wrote?
Should I swim
Against icy torrent
Listlessly failing
All motivation spent,
Or calmly believe
Life for eternity
Is more than existing
In trifled monotony.
I weep for those
In existential pride
Who toil all their days
To hear purposed confide.
A whisper of truth
Flies far overhead
This moment’s reveal
Now left for dead.
And hope appears
On ancient scroll
That finds me at peace
Upon grassy knoll.

(c) 2017 Rick Stassi

soft grasses


“Portrait of Maya 1938”- Pablo Picasso

A wisp of air,
an atmospheric sigh,
intertwines in fields
of soft pale grasses.
a reminder of spirit
unseen yet always felt.
it is time to breathe
to weep and smile – relive
times not too far behind.

I see your eyes,
kind and surreal,
watching from clouds.
You continue to see
what you failed to live –
a dream of sorts,
on a breeze through
soft grasses,
a sigh from heaven

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

sun’s ray

the bathers

“The Bathers” Pablo Picasso

all life is reduced
to a final gasp of air
a handshake with the atmospere
a pact of unsavory fare

i saw a desperate shine
in your eyes soon fade
approaching your Jordan River
a call you could not evade

I’m sure you questioned why
heartfelt deep inside
and then to God above
now with Spirit to confide

beckoned from mother to child anew
in ethereal play
my memory reflects sadness and joy
warming like a sun’s ray

(c) 2016 rickjstassi



you encircle my dreams
in childlike wisps of breezes.
capturing every thought
like deep wintry freezes.

the memory of you
is still all too near.
your old blanket i have
such fragrance held dear.

and when eyes are set
upon a new day,
I remember in heaven
is now where you play.

(c) 2015 rick stassi