Love Serene

A moment without God

The amber hue

of our inward vision

is mired in



to greener leas

of godly peace

to wisdom in

waters deep

and love serene.

(c) 2020 Rick Stassi


degas 3.jpg


In the evening of these waning days,
my heart reaches out to gather
times past.
Thoughts are obsessed with memory
elixirs easing stinging
effects of this breath.
Mind not to rest in
haunting enemies of the past.
Rather, delight in love then and now.
As I hold onto the light
that has nurtured me this lifetime,
I see a family with a young child.
My tears reflect time passed
too quickly with many moments
gone in oversight.
I want time back
and I need that child
to release me into the fullness
of my adulthood.
A glance and a smile promises
hope of such escape.
Acknowledge a thought and
bid it farewell
to accept newer times
in brighter days
absorbed in green leas
in sheltering skies.
It is here that
I shall grow old.

(c) rick stassi 2017

Upon Grassy Knoll


Flailing arms
In a panicked sea
Determined currents
Fashioned for me.
Are there vessels
That purposefully float
On meaningful ways
Ushered by words God wrote?
Should I swim
Against icy torrent
Listlessly failing
All motivation spent,
Or calmly believe
Life for eternity
Is more than existing
In trifled monotony.
I weep for those
In existential pride
Who toil all their days
To hear purposed confide.
A whisper of truth
Flies far overhead
This moment’s reveal
Now left for dead.
And hope appears
On ancient scroll
That finds me at peace
Upon grassy knoll.

(c) 2017 Rick Stassi

meadows green


I long to see the lighter side
where troubled heart shall soon abide
engaging glances from heavenly will
seeking refuge in waters still.
I want to see the warming sky
where mind contemplates God on high
enraging a world so temporally serene
finding rest on meadows green.

(c) 2017 rickjstassi



Camille Pissarro

i tend to think about some things
that lend to sprout of temporal wings
i float aloft in empty skies
dreaming of escape from miry lies.

there is death among such losses
led by which way the angry wind tosses
this spiral into endless chasm
heart hardened in infinite sarcasm

shall i break from where it’s dark
knees in prayer and humility stark
I find the way to softness and green
is to peer upon deep water serene

(c) 2016-2017 rickjstassi

“…God is good”

still water



O, to not peer
through tinted glass,
where thoughts are veiled
in vain morass.

does clarity rise
on ascending wings?
poor clouded mind
won’t allow such things.

and as I wait
upon green lea,
in still waters
my soul shall see.


bluer skies


I was lost at bluer skies
seeking depth within your eyes
beautiful strands of wisdom away
sad melancholy countenance sway

billowy vessels cast darkened floe
o’er lazy fields tarnished meadow
why do i resist distant call
that frequents ear spring and fall

for I wish to rest pour out my soul
humility transcends prideful toll
descend now from higher ground
pleasure nods soft and sound

how I’ve sought this pleasing cool
respite near inviting pool
greener lea softens where i trod
quiet sanctuary with my God.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

quiet days



how resilient is
your translucent skin
soft and resistant to fallen
drops of sullen days gone by
there is peace in your eyes
uncertain wilting smile
where i seek solace
wondering often
if we shall ever
walk in moonlit
meadows again
or look to heaven
to ask God for more time
and joyous sanctuary
hallowed in quieter days

waters deep

jan 21 2016 detail

loriann signori

Wisdom comes deep
and love shall parallel.
rest winnows like a breeze
In these times.

When my soul
cries out and
my eyes are seeking
beyond the horizon!

Beyond my self
with eyes of a child
and a gait hastening
toward my true love.

Shall I forget
that i cannot find you,
true depth, unless
motivated soul leads?

I beg to be
a conduit from
heaven which flows
all things good.

And selfless wind
falls upon loving blades
of grasses green
and ripples of waters deep.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi