Equipping Pakistan – Letters from the Field

“And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep” John 21:17 (KJV)

Peter fed the lost sheep of the world. The Spirit touched the hearts of three thousand through him and they were touched and came to the Lord.[1]

Other men walk the fields of this world feeding sheep. God places urgings on man’s heart and opens doors to be walked through. The following is a small account of recent journey to Pakistan that was made from a Pastor friend of mine. He went out into the world, as he does regularly, with the intent of not only feeding God’s people, but teaching them how to effectively become fishers of men themselves. Teach the teachers.

Please join me in my constant pleasure to pray to God for this man and many like him. God bless men of God who dedicate their lives to this level of obedience. Surely God smiles upon them.

 May 15, 2013

Praise Report received Lahore, Pakistan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wanted to let you know that I just received word that the funds you sent for aid to this Christian Village that was burned down by radical Muslims has been a great blessing.  They said please do not send any more funds.  God has blessed us beyond measure.  The government came in and rebuilt their homes and gave them additional money.  They said that they are better off today than before the fire and it has been a great testimony to the Muslims surrounding them.  God has indeed heard their cry and they are so appreciative of your love offerings to them.  Thank you!  – Blessings – Dan
May 15th Praise response
Lord, I pray there will be a revival and conversions that will occur because of the Lord’s work in Lahore. God will do the work that He, Himself, has aligned in His will. It is a true blessing. Many will see His work. Many will wonder about Him. Many will now seek Him. I pray this in Jesus’ name


Pastor Dan Finfrock

The writer of the following ministry accounts is Pastor Dan Finfrock. Intensive Care Ministries, Founder/Director


In Christ, our Lord and Saviour,


Letters from Pakistan:

February 18, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am heading to Pakistan on Wednesday after God opened a closed door for the past three years. Would you please pray for this trip. I will be speaking at a crusade for two nights, (Fri. and Sat.) and then travel to a Christian Conference Center where I will be conducting a five day IBS [Inductive Bible Study] Teacher Training Course with about 40 pastors for many regions of this country. These men will be able to teach the IBS all over Pakistan and it is exciting to think of the

Dan at a Mosque

Dan at a Mosque

impact this will make on the believers there. Please pray for safety (it’s not the safest country in the world), good health and for a powerful move of His Spirit. Thanks for standing with me. I will give you updates on this trip. -Dan

February 22, 2013

Good morning from Pakistan!

My flight was much better than I expected after my first 4 hour jammed flight to Chicago. For the long leg 13+ hours to Dubai, I found myself sitting in the back of the plane in an empty row of chairs. This is rare these days for those who don’t fly much. Planes are always packed, but I found myself stretching out and sleeping for several hours! Then in the short leg from Dubai to Pakistan, 3 hours, I was moved from economy to business class, where my seat turns into a bed. This flight was too short! I enjoyed the food and service. Because I was in business class I was the first one off the plane and through customs quickly. When the baggage came out, mine was the second bag on the conveyor belt! That never happens! Mine is usually the 300th one off.

I was out the door and my host was waiting for me at 2:30AM. We drove for a half hour to a Christian guest house where I am now comfortably staying for the next three days. Tonight and tomorrow I will speak at an Evangelistic outreach. Thanks for your prayers. -Dan

February 25, 2013

It’s Sunday and as I arrived at the church I was speaking, children were lined up on both sides of the sidewalk that led into the church. I was showered with flower peddles as I walked through the kids. Then as the service began, they presented me with a beautiful lei.

I spoke to a fairly large church. It went well and the people seemed to enjoy the Word. After the service we went to visit several homes. We prayed for each of the families. One of them was dying from cancer. We prayed for his healing after anointing him. He was a believer so his life is in good hands!

After the home hopping, we traveled into the city center where there is one of the largest mosques in the world. The signs said we were on holy ground but I sure didn’t feel the presence of God.

Going home we got caught in a traffic jam that took us several hours to maneuver through. The driving in these cities is crazy. Everyone seems to have their own rules.

Monday we head off to the mountains for the IBS conference. – Dan

February 25, 2013



The Internet comes and goes with electricity so I’ve had little time to get out a message. I spoke at two outreaches here. There has been lots of rain so the crowds have been small but have enjoyed sharing the Word. Thank God His Word never returns void! It was interesting to watch the people as they sat on the floor (only a few chairs). The women sit on one side and the men on the other. The kids sit down front and when one acts up an elder in the church walks up and gives them a shaking and moves them to an adult. Most of the kids listen attentively. (I think I would to with that elder back there!) My host pastor has a six year old and when asked what I was teaching, he said about a King Jesus who is very powerful! I was speaking out of Mark 1 that the King has come with great authority.

The worship is so different from the West, but as the church was singing last night from Psalm 19 you could sense their deep love for Him. Heaven will be so wonderful as we will all be able to speak and sing the same language.

On Monday we will travel to the mountains where there is lots of snow and we will begin our IBS training. Please keep this next week in your daily prayers. Thanks! I’m headed to Sunday morning service. – Blessings, Dan

February 26, 2013

The conference is going very well. We have pastors from many places of Pakistan. Some traveled over 30 hours to be here by bus.

They tell me this is such a different way to study that they have never been exposed to before, but they really like it and see the value.

This is a very sharp group that is well educated and are catching on quickly.


Its very cold with lots of snow. None of the buildings are insulated, so gas heaters help but not a lot. No one complains of the cold or long days.

It’s going well, thanks for praying. Please keep it up. Dan

February 27, 2013

We have just finished a very long day but incredibly productive. Today we covered Jude and how to prepare small group studies from Mark 6.

They loved both studies and clapped loudly and cheered at the end of both. In the evening I continued my exposition of Philippians.

The pastors are understanding the importance of the systematic Bible Study. After my study we had a pastor who is an apologist of Islam share some incredible breakthroughs using the Koran to share Christ with Muslims and some top scholars in Islam are coming to Christ. God is doing an awesome work in Pakistan. It was exciting to hear this brother share what God is doing. I will share more details later. Dan

March 6, 2013

Greetings!  I have returned safely home after two weeks in Pakistan.  I am sorry my last updates were not sent out.  We had poor connections while in country mainly due to constant electricity failures. I was told that the entire country was blacked out multiple times a day.

My time with the pastors went very well.  We finished up our seminar late Friday afternoon with the pastors preaching from Isaiah 1.  For many of them this was the first time they ever preached verse by verse.  They loved learning many new ideas for our time together.  There was a great excitement in the air as we concluded with graduation.  Things are done very formally here and graduation included gowns as you can see in my picture with Pastor Zeeshan.


Pastor Dan and Pastor Zeeshan Roberts

Our ceremony started from the dinning hall and we had to walk outside down long flights of steps to the main chapel.  Because of much snow, the steps were very icy and it was an interesting walk down, often slipping, but I made it!  The pastors left committing to taking the IBS all over Pakistan.  God did an awesome work all week long and your prayers were answered!  Mission accomplished!

After the seminar we headed down the mountain out of the snow country and for the first time in six days I began to thaw out.  I spoke at a packed church on Sunday and then had a delightful time visiting the ruins of a very special city called Taxila.  In 44 AD the Apostle Thomas came to this city and stayed here for two months.  It resulted in many Hindu’s and Buddhists coming to Christ.  Thomas worked his way all the way down into Chennai, India where he eventually was martyred.  I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to these two countries that heard the Gospel so many years ago but today only a small percentage are believers.  I really believe God is moving in Pakistan.  Please keep praying for Pakistan.  Thanks again for all the prayers during my time there. Blessings, Dan
St. Thomas Baptismal

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  1. It was a blessed and heart moving, great time with Pastor Dan. Its honor for me to teach the IBS system in Pakistan.


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