Grace in Ghana – Letter from Africa

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Letter 3

Yesterday we spent the whole day in Kumasi at a Conference with many former students. Gary and I, Donne and Gloria, and three teachers from the Bible Training Centre, Nicholas, Asampana, and Yara-Yiri, had a great time of fellowship, teaching, and Q&A. Keep these men and women in your prayers!!!
Today Gary will do the morning service here at the Training Centre and then we’ll drive to a village church pastored by our friend and former translator, Michael.

Then drive back to campus for the evening service at 5:00 PM.

Pray for strength and Safe Journey!


Letter 2




The photo is of the former court house in Bawku, a city in North-Eastern Ghana.

This is an area that has suffered from tribal warfare for the last few years and is now becoming more peaceful. Moses taught a Bible Study here and established a church a year or so ago. In January, Donne, Moses and I meet with the Paramount Chief of the region and he agreed to let the church use the former court house that was sitting unused. We rejoiced at the chief’s decision.


When we arrived in Zebilla on Wednesday we found out that while the Paramount Chief had approved the church’s use, the district administrator was balking. Donne and Moses met with the administrator while I spoke at the church and the administrator agreed that the church would have full use of the facility. It will accommodate many people and has an additional room for children. We will remember to continue in Prayer for the church in Bawku.

Sunday morning August 17th , we worshiped with the new students and with the returning students.

Last week was spent in the area north of Tamale. Gary, Nick and Donne visited churches in the Fumbisi area and in the Zebilla area while Kelly, Gloria and Mavis led a women’s seminar in the Bolgatanga area.

Gary Grace

Gary Grace


The churches are all doing well and our meetings were well attended even though the men have a heavy responsibility during this growing season to tend to their crops.

It was especially heart warming to meet with the new churches that were formed last January when the teams from Calvary Chapel Vero Beach and Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek joined with former Bible Training students to reach the people of North-eastern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso. The new churches formed after that outreach are healthy and vibrant.


The Ladies seminar was well attended and the seminar went well. The stories the ladies told reinforced our resolve to continue reaching out to the churches in the villages concerning how Biblical principles apply to village living, particularly marriage and child rearing.

It was a long drive back to Calvary Chapel Bible Training Centre and we are enjoying rest before we drive to Accra, put Nick on the plane for his trip home and then continue for a Seminar in Takoradi on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. They have advertised it with the theme “Joyful Life” so I will teach through Philippians and Kelly will speak to the women about how the teaching applies specifically to their lives and circumstances. We will complete the week with me speaking to the church on Sunday and then we will return to the Training Center in Pepease to rest and prepare for a repeat of the seminar the following week in a church just outside of Koforidua.

This morning I taught on Hebrew 5:8 though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.

We want to grow by relying on His strength as we face the challenges that come our way.
Stay Blessed

Letter 1

Gary and Kelly Grace Ghana Update



We have been experiencing the normal Spiritual attack and have been moving forward.

Nick Grace (grandson) arrived from USA on Sunday

Monday we flew to Tamale, visited a new Calvary Chapel and drove to Bolgatanga, arriving as the sun set.

Tuesday, the ladies met for the first day of a three-day seminar in Bolgatanga while the guys visited the Bible Institute in Bolgatanga and then drove to Naadema in the Builsa area.

A little history about Naadema: In 1998 I met Dr. Samuel Annankra in Sandema and he took Bill Holdridge and me to meet his uncle, Bubba, who was the chief at Naadema. As we talked and prayed together through an interpreter, Bubba and I became brothers. He declared that the village would no longer be required to worship the snake, and as Dr. Sam and I departed, Dr. Sam said “you will never be able to understand the full significance of what happened here today – for our culture this was extraordinary”.

Over the years Dr Sam and I became dear friends and came to respect him as one of the most dedicated Godly men I have ever known. I have returned frequently to Naadema, and in the last few years since Dr Sam’s passing have always paused to remember him as I park under the tree he and I planted next to where the church building now stands.
So visiting the village a couple of weeks after Bubba’s passing was meaningful and being joined by my grandson was special.


After the church service we visited another Calvary Chapel in the area and then stopped in Sandema to have our picture taken at the Presby Church where I met Dr. Sam. I was in Sandema grading papers for Bill Holdridge as he taught the IBS seminar when I met Dr Sam, and as I returned the next year to assist Tim Brown with the IBS seminar, my heart was firmly knit with the Buli people.

So today, Tuesday, was a special day for Donne and me, and we enjoyed sharing it with Nick.

Our stated purpose in visiting the churches where our former students minister, is to encourage them in their faith. The result is that we are the ones encouraged. The people are moving forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a joy to behold.

Tomorrow the guys will head back to the Builsa area to meet with another church and then in the afternoon drive to Zibilla where we will meet with several newly established churches on Thursday and Friday. We will return to Bolgatanga on Friday as Kelly and Glory conclude their three days seminar.

Saturday we will drive all day in order to be at the Bible Training Centre on Sunday where we will meet the new students and the returning students for Sunday worship and fellowship.

August 25th 2014

Greetings from Elmina,


This last week was a busy one for us. After arriving at the Training center from the North on Saturday, we spent Sunday with the students and then drove (7 hours) to Elmina. Our grandson enjoyed the night here and then I drove him to Accra on Monday for his flight home. Kelly stayed at the hotel and rested. After spending the night with the Osafo Mensahs, I joined Kelly in Elmina and we celebrated her birthday laying around the hotel swimming pool and beginning a 6 week long Gin Rummy marathon. Wednesday evening we started a four day “Family Conference” in Takoradi. The Conference ended with church service on Sunday and we were blessed as we heard many testimonies concerning how lives were changed as a result of the conference. We were filled with joy as we celebrated with the church. We drove an hour each way for each session so yesterday, Sunday, as we got back to our hotel I crashed — slept 5PM to 7 AM. Rest is wonderful !

Today, we drive to Accra (3 hours) where Kelly will visit the “Mall” for some much needed items. Then we carry on to the Training Centre in Pepease (4 Hours). Tuesday we’ll spend the day with the students and then conduct a one day family conference in Akyem Heiman on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be spent at the Training Centre with students. Saturday will be a long day as we drive to Kumasi (3+hours) and meet for the day with former students 9 to 3 then heading back to Pepease. Sunday services back at Akyem Heiman.

We appreciate your prayers.

In His Love,

Gary and Kelly


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