Christ Voice Ministry – Pakistan

Journal Entry

June 1, 2013
Successfully Skyped into a live church service. It was on a rooftop patio as I was told earlier on. I could not understand other than the language of prayer and worship through the Spirit. Pastor Hanif asked me to pray over his congregation as he interpreted. It was a blessed, spirit-filled moment in my life I shall not soon forget.

God bless the Children in Pakistan

April 20, 2013
After several exchanges and prayers via Twitter and email, I finally got an opportunity to meet Pastor Hanif Masih from his home in Faisalabad. We met via Skype as he was having breakfast on a Sunday morning. I was winding down on a Saturday night 12 hours earlier than his local time. It was a pleasure to just talk and share the Lord. I met his small children and wife.

He was on his way to visit a neighboring town to evangelize the gospel. It is a task that is not taken lightly in Pakistan for even as there is religious freedom, there is not always an open-arm reception at hearing about Jesus.

He told me they meet as a congregation on a rooftop of a house on Saturdays and Sundays. His wife ministers as well. Pastor Hanif was baptized in 2004 and continues to spread the love of Jesus Christ to those who will listen.

We were able to pray for each other face-to-face, inviting the Spirit to draw close two countries thousands of miles apart into a single room.

There will be much more to come soon. I pray for his effort in Pakistan. God is with them now.


Pastor Hanif Masih
Pastor Hanif Masih

Christ Voice Ministry – Pakistan

Journal Entry 2:

A short conversation

When did you give your life to Jesus?

My Mother Was A Good Christian, But My Father was a nominal Christian, although both were Christians, I was inspire by Christian life from my mother side in my Childhood, But Personally I Gave My Life to Christ when I baptized in 2004

 Were you Muslim or another religion prior?

No I was Christian by birth But My Grand Father from my Mother side Was belong to Sikhism before partition of India and Pakistan

Pakistan has lawful freedom of religion. Do you still feel safe spreading the word of Jesus to others in your country?

Pakistan has not lawful Freedom of religion, Its Difficult for us to Share His Gospel openly, But we are doing this

What is the denomination of your church, if any? Baptist, Assemblies of God, other?

We are Not affiliated with any international Church its purely Local Church We believe what the Bible says (we believe in water baptism)

You are Executive Secretary at Christ’s Voice Ministry. I read it started in 2002. Were you part of that original church?

Yes /I am working as Pastor/the Bible Teacher, & minister in Rural & Urban areas

Does your ministry have regular church services weekly?

Yes we have weekly Service although we have no Church Building

We are praying for you Pastor. May God anoint you with the oil dripped upon the beard of Aaron and you turn to Him in reverence saying. “Abba, I am here”

Spirit alive in Pakistan! Praise our Father.

Spirit alive in Pakistan! Praise our Father.

4 thoughts on “Christ Voice Ministry – Pakistan

    • We met through Twitter. Many others too. I am praying with others for many from other countries and learning a bunch about what God is doing in places forgotten by the west. Prayer ministry is being increased by the Lord. I feel I have found God’s plan for me this season, Cousin!
      Lots of love-see you in June!


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