autumn breeze

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh

charcoal sky and misty morn
peaceful awakening life reborn
first thought makes me smile
as you are there, abideth awhile

into your soul I try and peer
through loving eyes drawing near
warming heart i hold so close
blushing cheeks of fragrant rose.

gentle wisps of autumn breeze
cause a whisper among the trees
as hope shall linger through this day
the breeze shall lift my soul away

(c) 2015 rick stassi

in passages

“Valery-sur-Somme” Artist: Degas

there are passages we traipse through
where lessons are learned
even in impossible darkness
interrupted by a lucid glimmer of hope.

a page is turned in a book of life
with trials passing by lying on my back
on green leas with you
and cloudless days with endless azure.

looking through a glass darkly
here i know change leads to clarity and
in clarity is the face of God where
I shall see myself as He has always seen me.
How romantic are words of Life
akin with warm spring sun
on my skin.

O love how you bind when
compassion holds sway
and harmonic measures with
melody flawless in times precious
Our hands are clasped in this.

The sound of a stream pouring
busily overs smooth rocks
emitting cool mist and a lullaby
of gentle sounds from which within
many voices can be deciphered
declaring all of cherished
voices and remembered songs.

I miss times of old
I hope to replay some of them
in reflective memory
and to dream of things to come.

tears of joy are the elixir
from tepid days in apathy
forgotten now in passages
to a new life now and forever.

(c) rick stassi

trodden path

upon a well-trodden path i stroll
pick a pebble from nearby knoll
i place it in my pocket deep
as a memory is a treasur’d keep

each new day my pocket bears more
all tiny stones from times before
but many more shall come my way
each moment lit in Spirit’s ray

one pocket full, to the other less weary
a satisfied life in a deep-stone quarry
O how I dream forward and rest in the past
but most of all, it is today I wish to last

pockets now full on comes beckoning sleep
feeling tired, so on to respite deep
looking upon my stones to recall
a life God gave – now to Him I fall.

(c)2015 rick stassi

morning joy



pray peace abound
where hardly a sound
invades captive seeking
when God is thus speaking

pray love pervade
those best intentions laid
upon a cold helpless heart
what God doth impart

pray hope implored
crossing at stream’s ford
the water of all living
how God is thus giving

pray eternal golden tether
our hearts all together
the house of our King
why to God’s praise we sing

(c) 2015 rick stassi

these things…

"Eragny" Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
Psalm 23:1

Forever and one day
My cries are heard
Through my days
Of seemingly endless plight
And the angst of the unknown
Tearing and pulling…

The brave resolute faces
Of pilgrims on our way
Led in trust
Held in hope
Steeped in faith
True to one path…

O guiding Spirit
Abiding at my core
Opening my eyes
To so much unseen
Things veiled
Lucid stream of light…

These things I feel
As I ponder ends and beginnings
From birth to death
But mostly right now
Surely in this place
God has appointed.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi