…and this One

And this One shall be peace. Micah 5:5 (NKJV)

and this one shall be peace
a bit of love
from friend to friend
finds a warmth receive and send

and this one shall be peace
a kind word for they on the lane
we know not their suffering
we know not their pain

and this one shall be peace
my eyes to God
in earnest seeking
His guiding nod

and this one shall be peace
to count all blessing
each a pleasure
surely know we are God’s treasure

and this one shall be peace
to be know with trust so sure
that we shall walk
in love so pure

and this One shall be peace
Jesus Christ, Saviour, Lord
blood on tree, spikes and jeers
This One is peace for all of the years

© 2013 Rick Stassi

Love Completed

And indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind.
There was no profit under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:11 (NKJV)

and indeed toils for naught
retrospect sought
we seek certain pleasure
in life by world taught

and when we peer
upon life’s year
grains of sand through hand falls
with sadness and a tear

but what shall profit be
under sun? God voice in thee:
toil not but reap from the Wind
My voice first, start from Calvary

for blood has left stain
sin’s scream of pain
from Son of Man
all therefore not in vain.

pray first from heart
as our soul doth part
from toiling plow
to purest love, Lord, Thou art

emptiness we try and see
is in our soul away from Thee
You Lord we wish at hand
and love then comes completedly.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

Our Truth, the Way

Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.
Psalm 144:4 (KJV)

For as we behold angst in our days,
These are the times when our focus on God strays
Be wary of moments of depart
As the enemy shall aim his fiery dart.

But, for what will we gain in attention?
Doesn’t grief and angst strike at mere mention?
Indeed, but awareness is our choice to seek
God’s help from our valley to our peak.

And lack of awareness is surely vain
Empty reason, Man’s painful bane.
For wind and fire shall cull our secret places
We change anew – man with God eternity faces

The sun shall set upon mankind
Never waking again morning to find.
Without sunlight shadows pass
Like the days of man existential harass

There is a way vanity is cast
Our emptiness now in times past
Redemption’s pierce Jesus’ pain
God fills vanity to see life’s gain.

Praise Him on most high
Be aware O grief-stricken sigh.
Soon awakened, resurrection day
Jesus our Saviour, our truth, the Way.

(c) 2013 Rick Stassi

Compassion Born, Compassion Fulfilled

And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.
1 John 2:2 (NKJV)


Born in man all ill of will,

Patience lost with reasoning unreal.

Transparent elixirs alluring call,

His face pressed against a wall.

Hear the siren’s tempting song,

Pressing darkness moves along.

He searches with desperate desire

Hopeless, lost, flailing, evil fire.

As all seems lost to man.

Reckless abandon, increasing span.

Farther from God does he move.

Needful heart cries reprove

Have Compassion for him…

Jesus walks, cross bears down,

Scourging pain, thorny crown.

Hilltop seen as all await,

Son of Man a certain fate.

But fulfill the words ancient and passed

As God’s plan unfolds eternally cast.

Nails to wood with hands in between,

Cries of pain, course stayed seen.

The hour comes the temple falls

And the Savior for all, Flesh palls.

But in three days miraculous rise

He defeats death, Satan’s demise

Compassion fulfilled.

2013 Rick Stassi

Jesus, How You Sustain

34 When He had called the people to Himself, with His disciples also, He said to them,“Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.

Mark 8:34 (NKJV)

I read God’s verse and it resonates inside of my head. “This is what I want!”  I desire full commitment to Jesus. I desire to create a larger gap between sin and myself. I need to be sustained because I know I cannot sustain in my flesh.

And what of being sustained? It is easy to say and read. But what is being sustained? It is truly supporting and bearing weight. It is the column that holds the roof or the bedrock that supports the pier of a bridge. Sustaining is supporting a weight that will crush me. I seek to be sustained.

Therefore, if I cannot sustain I must look outside of my own capabilities. I look not to a device that shall prop me up for all wood and steel will all burn eventually (a). I need to look at a bigger picture. It is what Jesus asks. Look to Him because with Jesus all is possible (b) 

So I look beyond the horizon. Life is long but it quickly diminishes in length. There are two lines. One ends at our death and the other continues eternally. If I fix my gaze on the first line, it is as if I am walking with my head straight down. I will collide with a tree. Maybe this tree will be the tree on which Jesus was nailed. It will be, I am certain because there are only two lines.  I must walk upon one of them. If I desire to step off one, I must step onto the other. I know this intersection because I have made this transition. It is important to tell for others to read.

There is not in-between in life. The world will constantly send a barrage of reasons and samples of why it thinks there is. It is folly to believe the world. On one or on two. Finite and infinite.

The desire is with me, the knowledge of how pervades all of my soul. Take up my cross: why? Did not Jesus already do this in my stead? He was the propitiation of sin. I am reconciled with God, forgiven in His eyes. The explanation is in God’s word. I must take up my own cross and deny myself. Jesus came and was an example. An example that  permeates all of my thoughts and actions. He denied Himself and I must deny myself. If I deny Him, I shall remain on a lonely path to a finite end. There is no half-way in being nailed to a cross. I take this into account. It is all of me God wants. Jesus showed me and I am attentive to His way.

I feel at times I am at a half-way point. Almost there. What holds me back and what drives me forward? I have peace and I have angst and wonder if this is just life or am I really on a committed path toward God’s Light and with God’s Light. I forgive myself for my questions and doubts. Sometimes I am like a firefly in a jar. Flying around and bouncing of glass walls. The light inside me is still on, but the light in me needs to permeate the dismal darkness just beyond the finite limits of the jar. This jar is the vessel in which I reside: my body. I hear God and see Him for myself. Inward. I must think outward and emanate a light that shows I have really taken a cross of  commitment and have truly set my burdens on the shoulders of Jesus Christ.  He sustains.

I always second guess myself. What do I want? The answer is easy: take up my cross and remember there is no half-way in what Jesus did for me.  Only full commitment. There is comfort in full realization of my task ahead. No ebb no flow. Only full-speed in an eternal direction. I have hit that tree and it has my attention. Now it is time to look up and walk ‘Line 2’. I see beyond the horizon and it will be evident to others. It is what I pray for.

Rick Stassi

August 25, 2012

..at the cross

Now I saw in my dream, that the highway up which CHRISTIAN was to go was fenced on either side with a wall; and that wall was called “Salvation”.

“In that day shall this song be sung in the land of Judah; We have a strong city; salvation will God appoint for walls and bulwarks.” Isaiah 26:1

Up this way, therefore, did burdened CHRISTIAN run; but not without great difficulty, because of the load on his back.

He ran thus till he came at a place somewhat ascending; and upon that place stood a Cross, and a little below, in the bottom, a sepulchre. So I saw in my dream, that just as CHRISTIAN came up to the cross, his burden loosed from off his shoulders, and fell from off his back, and began to tumble; and so continued to do till it came to the mouth of the sepulchre, where it fell in, and I saw it no more.

Then was CHRISTIAN glad and lightsome, and said, with a merry heart,

“He hath given me rest by his sorrow,
And life by his death.”

John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress”