gustave caillebotte

gustave caillebotte

And so, fields of green.
New breath of life
Seeking spring rains
Which pleasantly placate
The thirst
Of all things.

And so, fields of gold.
O, the time of our stand
Passing quickly, steadily…
Now balmy days of reflection:
Satisfied and flourishing,
Certain and abounding

And so, fields of gray.
Joyful rest in shortened days
Blanketed with a colorful covering
Of leaves from trees.
Wiser now and older, patient.
Seeds sown and heart so very content.

And so, fields of bleakness.
Solemn depth of wintry sleep.
No sorrow in God’s arms, though,
Knowing with a true heart
That what we have lived
Will continue in season next.

(c) 2014 rick stassi

that day


I love that day,
a day pristine and new.
our lives intersected
when I met you.

I love that day,
a day so full.
when we joined as one,
two hearts equal pull.

I love those days,
when tears and pain
brought precious lives,
heart’s warm light reign.

I love that day,
when we saw God’s face.
we truly knew life –
one family, our place.

I love that day,
yesterday, I think.
holding hands tightly,
savoring moment, try to not blink…

I’ll love that day,
even with time’s eclipse.
to remember always a life of beauty
in our pressing lips.

(c) rick 2014