lovely and true

grove of trees -Renoir

grove of trees Renoir

peace comes in drops of rain
light piercing in prismatic plane
with hopeful glances far above
He is near and cradles in love

when do we fill the gap of vanity
and overflow like tourmaline sea?
i ponder inward and see my flaw
knowing God’s restoration in awe

renewal waxes in unfurling leaf
soft green waves silent absence brief
my Creator will not leave my aching heart
He is watchful and shall never part

I hope someday I will see
into myself amber lens free
to see the possibilty of finding anew
what God has always seen lovely and true.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

treatise 2


Pablo Picasso

For now
we see through a glass, darkly;
but then face to face:
now I know in part;
but then shall I know
even as also I am known.

1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV

How I long to
See deeper into
My soul
To understand
How God sees me
And you.

Would I then
Learn to love
Even more
As I see
the depth of
His love?



picasso peace


hasten toward peace
acquaint yourself with
this way of silence

hearken the voice of rest
let reason fail
and your heart soften

peer with eager eyes
into the light
shone of breath and life

hear melodious passage
it brings metered beauty
upon ears wanting

allow summer breeze
she will warm you
and prepare you heart

seek eyes of God
for He will hold fast
a gaze of lasting love.

(c) 2016 rickjstassi

graceful path

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

Beautiful is this path unfolding
Before each step with
Purposeful glances
Left and right, hope and trust.
Would poppies draw close my thoughts?
Or soft green grass beneath my feet
With souls upon cloudy landing
Each step imprints a day…

Or a moment
And I see a fair
Beauty in your soft eyes
Gently caressing away
Almost forgotten times
Such peace with you here
I am whole and poppies grow
Just as the birds fly
Without care for tomorrow.

And you speak
Into my longing heart:

“You are as the grasses
And birds flying about
The floating clouds and
Lowing cows of spring.
Summer rains nourishing, cleansing
With Winter’s dreaming
Upon shorter nights
Diminishing fears
Anxious not for
Days not yet here.

For only I know tomorrow
And your time is now
In lavender breaths
Lovely and beautiful
Walking steadily forth
On graceful path.”

(c) 2015 rick stassi


gustave caillebotte

gustave caillebotte

And so, fields of green.
New breath of life
Seeking spring rains
Which pleasantly placate
The thirst
Of all things.

And so, fields of gold.
O, the time of our stand
Passing quickly, steadily…
Now balmy days of reflection:
Satisfied and flourishing,
Certain and abounding

And so, fields of gray.
Joyful rest in shortened days
Blanketed with a colorful covering
Of leaves from trees.
Wiser now and older, patient.
Seeds sown and heart so very content.

And so, fields of bleakness.
Solemn depth of wintry sleep.
No sorrow in God’s arms, though,
Knowing with a true heart
That what we have lived
Will continue in season next.

(c) 2014 rick stassi


"At the Water's Edge" Paul Cezanne

“At the Water’s Edge”
Paul Cezanne

Off a frozen ledge
One drop of fallen rain
Slowly drips and
Freezes, adhering to another,
Then another
Forming an icicle –
A stalactite
Refuge for those
Who reach out
For fear of drowning –
Sliding passed water’s edge
Only to find
Their icy grip
Is slippery-futile
And immerse they must with
Heads submerging
Til the hand of Grace,
Is humbly grasped…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

dark and light

The devouring sea
Of troublesome thought
Swells to overwhelm
What is to be naught.
With hope ever trying
Like towers of sand,
It is hopeless lying
Under a liar’s remand.

Where is the encompassing light?
O pleasantly warm, endearing, pure…
I give up my worldly fight
Finally wholeness from omniscient lure
And with the determined ease
Of water’s cascade,
I pray to never, please,
Ever, be afraid…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi