a new worship

Loriann Signori

Loriann Signori

storms ebb in pale gray dawn
as first light stirs and
eyes are rubbed in confusion –
for a bit – as thoughts catch up
to this moment.
what we believe we cannot endure,
soon is another victory
claimed with the confidence bred
in the aftermath.
however, listen now and hear:
true victory is realized
in the battle
in a tender cry of joy.
All things are made new
and there is a new worship.
A time when we sacrifice wholly
and give out of pure selflessness
even in biting pain.
There is a glint of light
out of the corner of my eye
and though merely a glint,
truly a beacon of victory
as I am reminded that as we
seek more understanding,
our worship is more than new
as in a fresh day, but new, as if
never been previously seen.
this is my word from God:
That we must cast off trite
daily ritual and seek
perspective through His eyes.
He makes all thing new
and the sweetest moment
happens in a dim morning
awakening – realizing we did not
just endure, but we flourished
and a new heaven and
a new earth beckon with
crystal water of Life flowing
from the throne of the Lord
and He sees it is good.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

Your Guardian Eyes, Lord.

3 and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.
4 Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 18

We are born of God. We are knitted in the womb as a creation of God’s. We are brought into this world unknowing of all that surrounds us. We are a child with childlike wonder, childlike whims, and childlike dreams. It is bliss, these days. The guardian eyes of our mother with beauty and warmth. Protection in her arms. The strong arms of a father walking us through the halls on many nights when we resist sleep. The eyes of  mother and the eyes of father are smiling at me but there is more. I am a child and I have childlike innocence, naiveté, and fear of the dark. I start now on a walk toward God.

This is the way I see my children, now grown to the age of understanding. My children. Yes, at the tree of knowledge testing all things they have learned about God. Comparing what new thoughts and beliefs blossom in their maturing minds. My children will start on a new journey that will question God and maybe break my heart and their mother’s heart for a bit, and God’s to be sure. But God is sure. He is saying that I cannot carry my son and daughter into the Celestial City, as Bunyan wrote of. I must help set their base and rest in the fact God will now be the ultimate Spiritual guardian. He will watch, feed, nurture my children and they will come to their own terms regarding their salvation in God’s timing. I will help as God asks.

My children are looking about in a new world. The are of strong will, big hearts, and stern conviction. One thinks of  a kiss, maybe more, as the world creeps into and lurks in his mind. Something inside pulls. I shall trust God’s hand. But for the other, there is a love for people without a law of governance. This is a pure love. It is unbridled and to a twelve-year-old, it make s good sense. Here is where it is difficult. We as parents with our words will guide her as will our actions, but, she is a child and a woman at one time. She sees the world from a new perspective. It is innocence and it is scary to watch your child walk on a paper-thin ridge, a precipice with a long fall on either side. But watch I must for if I ‘tell’ I feed an instilled resistance. I must pray for God’s guidance, pray with this child and assure her that she must gaze into the sky at night and start asking why she is here and why there is cruelty in this world. She will not accept answers on the merit of words. She must see God’s face and she will indeed see Him when He reveals Himself.

I must understand, that God has a plan for each of us. He has a plan for me, my wife, my son and yes, my precious daughter. Thank you God for keeping us in Your plans for I may rest in this reality.

Childlike perspective is a beautiful thing but it is dangerous. The enemy prowls on this perspective. I see him now. I will slash and fight him as I can, but ultimately there is a light in the mind of a young person that must go on. It shines about a heart that starts to see that God is there and He is real and He really is Love. The innocence of childlike love must transform and turn to the love of God to truly see this world and beyond. God will be there as He was with my wife and myself. This I must trust. So, I shall.

Seek God little child as His arms beckon. His guardian eyes are full of love and understanding. More than I can give. But I will certainly continue to try. He loves you, little child, my daughter who I love so much. Keep your innocence but O how I pray you keep your mind open for God’s voice. He will be with you when I cannot. When your mother cannot. I see an angel and you are from my wife’s and from my love. But you are really from the Lord. So, I will love and I will correct, but I will also let God’s touch guide your heart of innocence.

Your guardian eyes, Lord. Help me to have unfettered trust. My wife too. You see a child and your heart smiles because you see a pulling away from us and into Your sphere of influence. Watch her Lord. Teach her what I cannot. I will love but it is into Your trust I now rest. God bless my beautiful angel. Her heart swells with compassion. Jesus awaits and calls the children to His arms. He will teach and love her. I and my wife will watch as God works with a hear of love. He beckons now.

Rick Stassi
August 6, 2012