O Poor Man


O poor man you so quickly give up
when diverse atmosphere
shrouds an otherwise happy
moment grasped onto as securely
as climbing a rope of cascading sand.

Life is nothing more than a
failed memory, joy faded,
peace penetrated, melody unresolved
in chords connected to hope in your
unsettled soul’s symphony.

Existential nightmare of
a vacant horizon accepting
your last step – the only hope
there must be something
in your self-convincing argument

I pity you yet i love you.
In your eyes I see the redness of
many tears and the preponderance
of failure to find purpose
in a world that demands it.

I can offer a hand
so to reassure you in your dread
in that moment when
argument does not convince,
that there is hope.

Alas, your arrogant rejection
opts for the weight of the world upon
shoulders of hope certainly lost.
Your cries of pain and loathing
fearing the next certain moment.

Know poor man –
the curious will seek
and the cynical shall retreat
but the finder always rests and
the outstretched hand of God

With peering eyes of peace
He shall surely inspire you
with an eternal perspective
begging you poor man
to never give up.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

cry for love

van gogh – close-up

a world of eyes peering out
linked with suspicions from deep within
that a thread will lead to a greater good –
objective posture in a subjective season.

your complex mind devises and propels great might
but can deep thought fathom beginning and end
and wrestle with infinite stars at night?
or even a child’s laugh or stranger’s smile
or tracks converging to a point –
certainly limited…

is good all you want? maybe wisdom too –
a trail of knowledge is no more than
layers of sediment really…
infinite wisdom and haughty spirit,
hopeful, you grasp your own reality
as if the radius point of a circle
paying no heed to other abounding circles
who are also right, charitable, and good.

is it possible to look beyond stars
and move all radius points onto a space
large enough for precisely One point?
can you fathom absolute
and discard conventional free thought
that really only begs more
from the night?
an infinite universe will never give more
than a wanting child crying for love
cry for love now and find eternity.

rick stassi