Artist: Paul Signac

will you smile
on wandering path
that leads from
the end of childhood
to the presence
of today’s sunlight?

will you smile
from destructive choice
and thoughts of injured
past to the willful
audience with the
Lord listening above?

will you smile
at things once amiss
or a mother’s kiss
and tales of imagination
a stolen glance upward
to a Guardian gaze?

will you smile
at what life has
wrought with mishaps
and forgiven mistakes
but bearing no
certain misgivings?

will you smile
because love abounds
on ripples and breezes
from all who listen but moreover
from God who takes delight
in your perfect smile.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

trodden path

upon a well-trodden path i stroll
pick a pebble from nearby knoll
i place it in my pocket deep
as a memory is a treasur’d keep

each new day my pocket bears more
all tiny stones from times before
but many more shall come my way
each moment lit in Spirit’s ray

one pocket full, to the other less weary
a satisfied life in a deep-stone quarry
O how I dream forward and rest in the past
but most of all, it is today I wish to last

pockets now full on comes beckoning sleep
feeling tired, so on to respite deep
looking upon my stones to recall
a life God gave – now to Him I fall.

(c)2015 rick stassi

moment’s sigh

"The Italian Goatherd" Camille Corot

“The Italian Goatherd”
Camille Corot

weep not for crimson light
disappearing into night
peer east for ocher’s hue
grand entrance for things new

cry not for those who leave
indulge a moment to bereave
look instead to lively eyes
which overshadow bluest skies

solemnity makes senses aware
far off light draws our stare
knowing beauty for all to come
shadows to which we shan’t succumb

there is real life in a moment’s sigh
cherished time with heaven nigh
and life if viewed by hour’s chime
shall miss this moment’s sacred time.

(c) 2015 rick stassi

morning joy



pray peace abound
where hardly a sound
invades captive seeking
when God is thus speaking

pray love pervade
those best intentions laid
upon a cold helpless heart
what God doth impart

pray hope implored
crossing at stream’s ford
the water of all living
how God is thus giving

pray eternal golden tether
our hearts all together
the house of our King
why to God’s praise we sing

(c) 2015 rick stassi


gustave caillebotte

gustave caillebotte

And so, fields of green.
New breath of life
Seeking spring rains
Which pleasantly placate
The thirst
Of all things.

And so, fields of gold.
O, the time of our stand
Passing quickly, steadily…
Now balmy days of reflection:
Satisfied and flourishing,
Certain and abounding

And so, fields of gray.
Joyful rest in shortened days
Blanketed with a colorful covering
Of leaves from trees.
Wiser now and older, patient.
Seeds sown and heart so very content.

And so, fields of bleakness.
Solemn depth of wintry sleep.
No sorrow in God’s arms, though,
Knowing with a true heart
That what we have lived
Will continue in season next.

(c) 2014 rick stassi

path forward

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

The sweetness of a moonlit night,
The certainty of all things right.
Bathing in a tender glow,
A fallen leaf upon the snow.
O how these times entice my mind,
Surely tension bliss shall bind.
And liberty’s law brings peacefulness,
Glittering lights resolve duress.
Snow settles to her motionless home,
Allowing my thoughts to float and roam.
O how I love these times so surreal
Craving ways to really feel.
Where I go now will only be
Footprints in the snowy sea.


this flower

This Flower

O flower
I look upon your petals supple and lithe
Layered neatly
One upon the next
Each withers
Revealing yet another
And these petals spent fall
Floating to the ground
Having served the world with
O flower savor this moment
When your petals
Still damp from
Dewy morns
Stand humbly upright for
Foggy afternoons
Night’s tired slumber
Misty ocean air
Stinging rains
Boisterous winds
Still you stand
Looking for one source
To nourish not your petals
But your heart
To which pinks and reds
Yellows and oranges
Layer upon layer
Show proudly externally
What surely is internal
And these petals
Float to ground
Like each day passing
Only to remind that
A heart set in beauty
Hold petals serene
In the palm of her hand
This flower.


Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

“Submit to God and be at peace with him;
in this way prosperity will come to you.” Job 22:21 (NIV)

What is submit? Compare submit as the giving of something to the abandoning of our very soul. A deep contrast. What we give or what we abandon. The first is easy. The transfer of something for one hand to another’s.
But abandon…

So, in submitting to God we are really abandoning ownership of our souls to be transferred from our hand to the Lord’s.
Actually He has purchased our souls and it is up to us to loose the firm grip of straw we incessantly have.
We are those who are frantic over comfort and security. Naively thinking the fading things around us will provide. Naive.

A man can no sooner grab his own collar and lift himself from a pit. So, another must assist. But tragically he awaits at the pit’s bottom as tens of thousands pass by. The world is impersonal. Our despair is not the world’s concern. I submit.

However, if we believe in One greater than ourselves and are at peace with Him – meaning we rest knowing He is there, then the amount of impersonality is meaningless. We are lifted from the pit – from despair – by hands of Love. Maybe, just maybe, those who previously were oblivious to our entrapment in despair, will catch a glimpse. Maybe….

I submit that at our abandoning of our soul to God, His light emanates from now what is His. This will make heads turn. His work is captivating, omnipresent. Some come back to see. Love them even as they once ignored you. Our calm peace in God is infectious.

Finally, then, prosperity. The world talks of prosperity in a different and pompous tone. But we who abandon, possess prosperity in His peace, in His Love, in our eternity. Life is bigger that the sum of all it’s parts. To cross the abyss for the world to eternity requires abandoning our soul. Give up what is not even rightfully ours anymore. As we look from our worldly eyes at this abysmal precipice, we see only the long fall into despair. But abandon transfers. One side to the other and we soon are looking back at impossibility which is now possible. We have comfort and know love and needn’t argue who is right for He is righteous and He rains prosperity on us.

Abandon. Submit. Peace will come. Prosperity is love. God knows and waits.



Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
John 14:6 (NKJV)

a certain question with the answer a certain evasion
it is man leaning upon his wisdom
with his inner self wearily burdened
as he seeks this question of all times –
a question he seeks all his life: “what is truth?”
and  with self-certainty and determination
he prods for the one answer through a limited, desperate means,
that we who are God’s children see in an instant

So then to gain life we must lose our own.
how can something be gained when it is certain it must first be cast off?
this wisdom is higher than man’s limited means but it is God’s truth.
for we leave a life in shadows for a life in Light
and this new life is full of vigor, this new life is goodness
refreshed and renewed each and every day
there is joy in our heart, in this new life
O Lord, the thanks we give You

Yes there is a sure and certain way
A path worn into the dusty earth by the sandals of Jesus,
loosed and baptized, wilderness tested, we know to follow His way
but how far Lord? to crucifixion’s certain end – our dread?
crucifixion is resurrection’s certainty  – our beginning and surprised joy.
it now seems so natural and we try not to reason, but just follow, the glory of  God is at hand!
He shows rebirth unfurl to new life
with loss of the past a certainty  – fear and grieve not.

Struggle is certain for man so keen with driven wit
in finding answers to his one consistent question:
“what is truth?”
truth is at a point, on top of the highest mountain
where we certainly shall find God – together
let us all look to Him from the place we stand
in agreement, with many eyes fixed, for He has our best interest
and shows us life, truth, way through His love.

© 2013 Rick Stassi