Sean Seal "Michigan Supermoon"

Sean Seal
“Michigan Supermoon”

The harvest moon
i spied tonight
with his light casting
over things passing
much too quickly.
and I longed for morning
but Instead I asked him
to remember
when he was younger
so we could talk
about blessed moments
gone by.

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

enjoying moments

"Ad Marginem" Paul Klee

“Ad Marginem”
Paul Klee

pre-dawn melody
from atop a tree – announcing
new things arriving
that soon I shall see.
the sun grabs the horizon
with his hands an arising pull
up to peek upon new lands
and break a sleepy lull.
the flow of a song intertwined
with the stroke of a brush
a new melodic picture
to linger in – mind not to rush.
(c) rick