sand and sea



a multitude of grains of sand,
the willing swath between sea and land.
slowly, deliberately, refined o’er the years,
knowing land’s attempt to allay fears.

and within the million grains of sand
there are souls receiving a loving hand.
having seen tumultuous, tempting charm
now waves gently lapping upon, resting from harm

so God instills a brightened heart
in grains of sand gracefully set apart
to stand in the gap between land and sea
and reflect true hope, land’s desperate plea.

(c) rick 2014

sigh of love

"On the Shore of the Seine" Renoir

“On the Shore of the Seine”

Embrace the sweetness of sorrow
to show a tender side
or regale an outburst of laughter
pretentious cover, vulnerability deride.

Embrace the moments of melancholy
those times of in-between
hidden, only shall churn within
rather than certain demeanor seen.

Embrace the secrets of sadness
for depth is surely sought
and brazen outward countenance
vanity surely self-wrought.

Embrace the preciousness of joy
love’s contemplative sigh
to show truth and live aware
a work of God is nigh.


“for and from those lands away…