Eternally God’s


…and what would a man profit in gaining the world? Sadly he will realize that material gain is equated to spiritual loss especially when the former is adhered to and covetously held close to one’s heart. It is the loss of life to place focus on the things current. There is wisdom to be found differentiating between contrasting thought. Shallow and deep, infinite and finite.

What purpose is there holding on to grains of sand that only slip through our fingers. The inability for sand to coalesce is likened to our thoughts and our ways. The rigid and hardened fragments of our life with their resistance to bond into a tangible mass, translate into the visible path we walk. This walk is a display of the shallowness and temporal nature of a futile , fragmented, life.  Just as a path is walked in sure straightness by fixing our eyes on a point above the horizon, conversely, looking at our feet as we walk causes meandering steps. Thus is the fallacy and the dilemma of self-sustainability.

As much as the free-thinker believes in the infinite vision of our mind, he is really a blind man who is caged inside himself. With his bitter protest, he becomes more the fool as one man’s clamoring nonsense will certainly drown out the whispers of eternal wisdom. Listen – there is truth in seeking a higher focal point. At the time when you decide this will be your path, listen ever more acutely. For settling on any god is short-sighted to resting on the one true God. Know Him, know about Him, and know why belief in God is rational. For as consciousness and submitting souls meet a welcoming God, a new reverence is born. In this reverence is wisdom and even as there are those who will say we are blind, the blindness is really the inability to understand His spirit upon the believer’s heart. This is our way and it can only be known by a leap. A grace filled leap of faith.

The modern man in his finite idealism based on a contrived reality, cannot see the line that separates absolute thought from relative thought. One  choice we have is to allow our self to listen for His whisper from the span of eternity. Another, is to boorishly shout our foolish opinions creating a cacophonous din as billions of others, with their varying degrees of truth, also shout simultaneously. If nothing else the free-thinker should stop and listen to this for it is rational that opinions, no matter how astute, exude uniquely from each mind of all existence – most with a paltry amount of sense. They just do not coalesce into one basis for existence. They form a mass of invented and wishful hope based really on nothing except stubborn disagreement with the idea there is a God, or a stubborn refusal to seek Him. It is foolish, finite, and shallow thought.

There is a God who loves. He lays way the path to the infinite onto which we must walk upon. Tender and poetic is He. But, also, He is righteous. In His righteousness, it is misconstrued by some, that He is not good. Shallowness must be abandoned to overcome this misconstrued thought. Further and deeper, our self must be abandoned because it is a vessel that holds tools to chip at stone walls rather than move a mountain. View this as literal or figurative, it hardly matters. It is all in infinite perspective that eclipses the limited depth of what we possess without God. Claim the offer He has given. Come to Him and see eternity from within your heart. Therein exists truth in depth. We are eternally God’s.

(c) 2014 rick stassi

cry for love

van gogh – close-up

a world of eyes peering out
linked with suspicions from deep within
that a thread will lead to a greater good –
objective posture in a subjective season.

your complex mind devises and propels great might
but can deep thought fathom beginning and end
and wrestle with infinite stars at night?
or even a child’s laugh or stranger’s smile
or tracks converging to a point –
certainly limited…

is good all you want? maybe wisdom too –
a trail of knowledge is no more than
layers of sediment really…
infinite wisdom and haughty spirit,
hopeful, you grasp your own reality
as if the radius point of a circle
paying no heed to other abounding circles
who are also right, charitable, and good.

is it possible to look beyond stars
and move all radius points onto a space
large enough for precisely One point?
can you fathom absolute
and discard conventional free thought
that really only begs more
from the night?
an infinite universe will never give more
than a wanting child crying for love
cry for love now and find eternity.

rick stassi

Vignettes 2

Man seeks with his reason
A path finite and slow.
But soon He shall find season
When it is God, love to show.

Man’s self-derived self-reason
Spiritual death.

And the Word was God
Kai Logos ēn pros theos,
So, God walked with Man [1]

That which we have seen
Imprint on thought forever
First-hand witnesses [2]

Man’s finite wisdom,
Tra-gic-al-ly misses point
Heart forever mourns

For wishing shadows
Hearts barren without warm light
God’s beckoning Love

Love forever more.
Our reason surely slows.
For man’s thinking so poor,
To us, our Lord surely shows.

His love is enough for each unique,
In dark corners shall ignite.
Our sorrowful hearts shall ever seek,
His overwhelming Light.

So, hope is eternal
Man’s path to God’s eyes.
What once thought reasonable,
Now deceitful lies.

In joyful heart e’er indwelt,
The Spirit and the true Vine.
In God now always felt,
All eternity is mine.

…and yours

© Rick Stassi 2013

Relevance and Relativism

“But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die”
Genesis 3:3 (KJV)

God tells us that which is good and bad.
He commands to love,
He gives so many other instructions.
Will we deny them? Yes, most will.
Obedience lost?

It is a joyous time when God speaks to us.
He spoke to Adam and Eve.
Is it different now?
Relevance found.

God cares enough to instruct in words.
There is cause and effect.
Sin has its consequence, fruit of temptation and death.
Listen carefully.

Each day He speaks to us.
We had but one thing to remember: “Lest we Die”
We failed but God knew Remedy for consequence.

Bearing our cross,
It is not easy.
The chalice stayed with our Savior, with us.

Will we listen?

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”
Genesis 3:5 (KJV)

The fate of Mankind is held in two verses.
The rationale: We are told right and wrong, we are tempted, we rationalize, we succumb weakly to temptation, then we justify.
This is sinning.

For Satan says we can be God.
But what of he that stands beside me?
Should not a new god be born?
Two gods?

Then there are three and again: four, five…
More gods now present as
A billion moral pinnacles are rationalized.

The world is thus.
And should we follow this sequence,
Our con-sequence is death.
Again, Repent.

There is but One God.
Only One
We are fools who listen to serpents.
Awaken, reborn.

Joy is in wisdom,
Love in His eyes.
Life in His Kingdom.
Eternity never dies.

Are we responding?

I pray so.

© Rick Stassi 2013

The Yearning Heart Pines

Artist: Sean Seal

For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.

2 Corinthians 4:16 (KJV)

We must look and listen intently. As our focus fades outwardly, He fortifies inward. Trust your inward life.

There is a world we walk in that is bent on material subjectivity. There is a plan this subjectivity has and it is to sway emotion. We compare and we covet and we consume. We believe in our temporal nature, there is a goal in our action – an end to our means. We are taught to look to the stars. To dream dreams! All our awareness is inspired curiosity and all wisdom is first theory, then proven law, or sadly it is simple self-reasoning without substance. There is a fragile, dying, law in this world. Too many abide by it and it is temporary.

Man carries the weight of generations on his shoulders. Crying, “There must be more!” He spins his ideas rooted in his head and others do the same. They look to a depleting ego.

Man carries traces of all generations going back to Adam. He is truly fallen but he has, in his subconscious, the One’s heart of compassion that blows gentle  breezes carrying feathers of hints spurring wonderment. This One’s heart speaks, whispering into churning souls that hear something but continue looking off into the night. There in the night it is dark and the answers float in and out of sight. They lure and tease. They tempt and lustily comply. The churning heart of a hopeless a man will be teased for a while then it yearns. It yearns for something real.  Maybe the One Who is real?

Beyond the nebulae and galaxies and any star,

There is a place where a King sits afar.

His gentle thoughts caress agitated minds,

Where a spirit looks until it finds. 

Peace and love and comforting glow,

The One who sits will surely know

how the yearning heart pines.

The world is subjective and each one upon its face carries a subjectivity with him to survive. The angst of death is much too strong. We must placate this existence with things that float to and fro, in and out of the light-less night. The world upon the shoulders of all. Guilt torments and erodes the outward face of a tired soul. Help them O Lord.

So He does. He gives us His Word. But the word says there is a perfect Law of Liberty [a]written upon the hearts [b] of we who follows His path. Too weary to search the darkness anymore, we turn to God. He is the One. We now look inward to this Law written on our hearts. What is perfect? Jesus is perfect and He is our beacon of all hope. Now all can look to One beacon rather than contrive ideas eternally from endless self-reason. This is the contrast between the Absolute and the Relative. Man always will debate.

It is inward where we go to see eternal. A seeming paradox. Inside is an Ego – it is our ‘self’. Why should we look there?  The sanctified people die inside to live [c]. Slowly our outward perspective fades and the inward flourishes. As we become keen to our inward perspective, we see the eyes of God. We talk with Him and He reassures us in all times. It is in this way we learn to trust. With a trust that spurns the temporal, there is born an eternal trust. Jesus did not die in vain, but He died because Man was born perfect in the image of God and fell into guilt. He reaches out for God and God understands. He sent His Son to show just how much we mean to Him. When we see Him now, inwardly, we see His gentleness and beauty. There is so much beauty is one second with God than a lifetime of charm that floats out of the darkness.

I pray we seek Him on bent knees and really try to listen. Pray two ways: talk to Him and listen to Him. He always speaks and when we wonder of the goodness of His answer, we thank Him regardless of what pieces of our outer self tell us are bad. There is only good.

Rick Stassi

December 12, 2012

Doing well in God’s Eyes

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” Gen 4:7

There is a line. Above this line one does well, below, one does what is good. In a bout of confusing semantics, how does one decipher what they have done is done well? What is good? In this tale of two brothers, Cain and Abel, the definition is given. The essence of doing well before God and doing good.  

These terms are very real in this world and are at the constant forefront of debate. What does God say pleases Him and what does Man say pleases God?

For the one that does good, there is an invariable earnest sincerity. Some will do good for their own gain, some will do good for the betterment of our world. The latter is noble to our existence.  Man is ultimately satisfied in doing good. He feels good about himself, he can check a box: one for good! It offsets, the one for bad stored from yesterday.  Doing something good is great for our self-assurance, our satisfaction, our self-worth, but it does not fortify a bond between our hearts and God. It is a misunderstanding to think otherwise. Doing good without a bound heart to God, is of the world.

Ask what is good. Is good what God wants, or, is good to help ease our personal guilt? Although the easing of guilt may seem to be the extreme argument, it is one possibility. There are really many reasons. All are in a private and singular mode of justification and a rationalizing of our eternity. In self-justification, we have crucified sin in a way outside of the sacrifice of Jesus. We have side-stepped an absolute way to eternity through our personal rationale. The one standing next to you has done the same, and as we continue down the line of these good people, we find a different crucifixion, a different redemption, a different god for each and every one. This is Relativism.

What is relative cannot be of the One truth. There is an equation: Justification through Jesus = Man with Faith. If the good person defines god, and if he rationalizes his eternal justification through his own good works, then faith has been replaced by self-justification. This replacement is new to every next person along a long line of hopeful souls who refuse to replace self-justification with faith in Jesus.


Cain did in earnest what he thought would please the Lord. He was dismayed that the Lord rejected his offering. The gentle admonishment from the Lord was thus: “…if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”   The key point here is that if we do only what we deem is good, we do not rule over the sin that lies in wait. He who does well has this power. Spiritually, he who does good by the toils of his labors, does so in vain.

How do we do well? It is perplexing because our minds understand what is good and bad in this world but have a hard time discerning doing the good of the world and doing well in the perspective of eternity. God teaches us to do well. We give our self not to toil but as a sacrifice. This is pleasing in God’s eyes. Even as we may sacrifice our self in our works, we are really only lending ourselves with our own personal assurance of a return to our selfish way. God desires a sacrifice of our self in the purity of sincerity and humility with our eyes fully forward focused on God without the worldly safety net of our self.

Pure sacrifice has a safety net that God will be there. Doing well and doing good are shown as a sacrifice of ourselves:  One is wholly and purely unconditionally, the other, a sacrifice to toil. Firstborn versus first fruits of the harvest. God wants our purity as we step onto His path that is led with sole reliance on He who leads us, loves us. The purity of the firstborn lamb is a picture of Jesus. He is the sacrifice for all and we do well by following Him. He is the justification without rationalization or self-satisfaction. Doing well is the desire to give all to God with a sincere heart.

So doing well is an offering. It is a sacrifice. It is the pure focus that we a redeemed through the One who became all sin for all who will have faith. Doing well is listening and following God’s will and surrendering our will. Doing well is not our works for the betterment of the world, but the betterment of the world through spiritual Love. We do well to have faith God will provide is all cases. He is there not when we deem the time, but always in His time. We do well to understand that all in our life is done in the sight of God and anything may be a lesson of wisdom and growth. Prepare yourself in pure sacrifice for we must lose our self and have faith. It is our gain. The sin that lies in wait is insurmountable without our faith because we are reliant on God. We have done well.

“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Matthew 16:26

Remember: God wants us wholly, He does not need us. We need Him. We will see that we want Him too! Give yourself to God in faith. Ask Him for wisdom. Know His love. Love others in His way. You will have done well.

Rick Stassi

May 21, 2012

Be not deceived, the Lord is Wisdom.

18 Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise.
19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”;
20 and again, “The LORD knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are futile.”
21 Therefore let no one boast in men. For all things are yours:
22 whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas, or the world or life or death, or things present or things to come—all are yours.
23 and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s. 1 Corinthians 3:18-23

We are learners and hearers of God will and word. We are wary of deception.

We are in great danger of deceiving ourselves when we have too high an opinion of human wisdom and arts; plain and pure Christianity will be likely to be despised by those who can suit their doctrines to the corrupt taste of their hearers, and set them off with fine language, or support them with a show of deep and strong reasoning. Matthew Henry

For we should never believe that our wisdom is foremost and forthright without first seeking God and receiving His confirmation through His word. There are those who pose reason and logic of the world. Be wary of the one who claims rationality, for he is foolish lest his wisdom come from God. The world molds reason to fit a worldview that is convenient to the tastes of tolerance, coexistence, and self-awareness through self-wisdom. All is deception. Know God is the source of all wisdom.

Becoming a fool would mean to be humble and see what we speak-hear what comes out of our mouth. We should prepare our hearts so we will emit not idle talk but the image and speech crafted by God. Be ready to learn from God. The extraction of Scripture Paul uses to the Corinthians is from Job 5 and Psalm 94. Rejuvenate and read these chapters. All is for our positive fortification in God’s wisdom.

Man has always disbelieved that it is possible for there to be a Creator that is capable of making the Universe, holding it in His hand, and still loving us. It is against worldly wisdom. But, we know that when we have the infiltration of the Spirit, we are immersed in a new wisdom that stands above conventional wisdom. Man’s thought is fruitless without God. There will be consensus of common moral ground, but soon we will see that the commonality becomes relative. Each man will have a slightly different worldview. In God it is Absolute. We who are set apart, sanctified, grasp hands and look upward to see God and love Him in one accord, we look to each other and love one another in one accord, and we look inward to see the abiding Spirit who loves us and provides power in us daily in God’s way.

Therefore, be not deceived by eloquence and articulate speech. Man will be forceful and try to dominate with his knowledge. We plant a quiet seed of Hope and Love and walk away. Love will confound as will our perseverance in Him.

We are Christ’s. We are God’s. We were purchased by His blood. Be quiet, pray, read the Bible. Wisdom rushes into your soul like the Living water flowing separating us in the wilderness from the Promised eternity in heaven.

Rick Stassi

December 22, 2011

the Lord, our goodness

5 For the LORD is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.

Psalm 100:5 (NKJV)

The Lord is good – in Him is all good.
We can rest in Him with the peace of mind that we are good only because the Lord is good and we receive our goodness from Him. We may be good outside of the Lord but it serves all to understand that goodness is a relative one and its flame is kindled with straw rather than sustained with wood.

Our favorite spot of rest was, and is for the non-believer relief in goodness. I believed if I was good then I was justified in my life under God. Realize that we cannot sustain a goodness that is not from God. It is the favorite excuse for anyone who will not come to God through Jesus Christ and it is self-satisfying and unbased. It is not hard to comprehend that for each person walking on this earth, a level of goodness exists. The level of goodness varies like our opinions. Some may agree on some things but adversity creates a new path. This means, if we do not agree with what we hear, then we adopt a worldview we can grasp onto and live by. This idealism is not solid and not centered.

In God we are good from our single source. Our Father in heaven, His Son – our Advocate, and the Spirit who guides us. Our works outside of Him are good but not sustainably so because we draw upon a reason that is our own or a medley of bits and pieces of the thoughts or idealisms of others. We all will rise to a level of goodness but will never be good with a spiritual center who is God.

In Jesus we repent and ask Him to come into our life leaving our self, leaving our reason. Our life is built upon the Rock who is unswaying. This is a centered goodness. All else is relative and soon will dilute all man’s thinking as the world will influence and dictate. This dilution will be a sorry end for the world and the ignorance of this path will eventually be revealed.

Pray hard for those who are good but do not draw upon God for their goodness. I pray we draw our goodness from Jesus who is our Saviour. I pray we base our works on our faith. I pray our faith strengthens through our outward fellowship and our inward relationship with God our Father through Jesus Christ – Love and goodness, meek and strong.

For the LORD is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.