"Der Weg ins Blaue" 1934 Paul Klee

“Der Weg ins Blaue”
1934 Paul Klee

Return ecstatic heart
Why did you go?
Bring love to my voice and
Beauty sought from my open eyes.
Cold blue rhapsody turned
Warm and wanting.
Uncertain waves on
Fine grains cause
Ripples and ridges
Carved into my blank expression…
Come to me apathy –
So I may see my enemy!
To look straight in your eyes.
From beyond wooden door always ajar
Invite me in to sit
And wait midst warmth
For blue rhapsody
To glow warm in
Loving ember
When I turn again
To loving eyes
That shine ecstatic
Deep into my soul
Making me whole.
Rhapsody blue
Patient always,
You wait…

(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

from the dust

From the dust there comes a man,

Into his soul God breathes.

It is the first Adam who walks away,

Free choice but with certainty deceived.

This a beginning of a broken heart,

A teardrop upon Mankind,

But God knows man and all time,

Shall not remain apart.

Jesus is the second Adam,

Perfect Word with Man.

He holds in one hand eternity,

The other mine as sure as God planned.

© Rick Stassi 2012