Eternity Sought

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“Rural Valley”
artist: Sean Seal

Dear Eternity-Seeker,

I feel have come to the end of my wit! What is reasonable to me is fleeting for you. But I will persevere in my persuasion to walk with you as you seek. Consider the Word on which I base my life:

“…to establish you and encourage you concerning your faith…” 1 Thessalonians 3:2

Yes as the mountains have bases and the stream-beds are rock, I too rest on He who will not shift.

I implore you hear my word. On a foundation of Rock shall I establish my stand as I press ever further into stone. There is a hard, impenetrable wall on all sides. So, I ponder, how else would I establish anything in my life? Only on the immovable and steadfast. Many descriptive metaphors I and others use, just the same,  all have praised the Father without end. But each day is new praise for a new day. For what I may say and how I may praise, may be seen by you, Eternity-Seeker. I pray you listen and watch. O, how I pray it so. Let my words be fragrant and established securely in Christ, my Cornerstone. May His words come into your reason and light a path to heaven.

So, Eternity-Seeker, you stand before many paths. Looking and wondering. There is curiosity of what may lie around the corner. So much work to keep trying a new path over and over. But I admire your tenacity rooted deep in your soul. You shall see, for I see now! I read on your face confidence, but I see chaos in your soul. It is so frustrating that you are persuaded to join those who tie a ribbon around all paths to eternity. But what sense, really, is in that? There is an intelligence you must find, I too know that desire and requirement. I encourage you now only as I now am established. Choose a path, Eternity-Seeker. Time runs late.

So, friendly Seeker, regarding your choice! Does reason only travel to the end of your mind? You and I both know that is limited. Thus ponder a bit further: what if there is a God who created all things? I think we all know love is a banner flown in the lead of all races. But we also know love displays yellows, greens, reds, and blues. All adapted to other seekers like you. Choices in free will. But curiously I ask. “How do you view grace?”

Yes! How do you view grace, kind Seeker? I imagine you must believe all born from the womb are born initially of goodness. I am certain you blame the coexistence with other seekers who will sneer and steer one to abject badness. If you are good already, think of the relative goodness that all men possess. Remember, to many, love is the root of the  tree of mankind! What of the man beside you? His goodness is as good as your own – and your own? Yet he chooses to mold his goodness around his ways and wants of life. Reeling desires are drawn close through this adaptation. Don’t you do this too, lovely Eternity-Seeker? I wonder if you really believe all are born of goodness or can you see it a convenience to fall in the shade of the tree where fruit is recycled yarns and tales and opinions from others trying so hard, avoiding… How do you find and stand upon the shifting sand? I leave you to your wit for mine is surely spent.

But consider this beautiful Eternity-Seeker:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” John 3:16

Take those words and pack them like the bread you consume each day. But instead of on your back, wonderful and blessed Seeker, place then in your heart: hidden for all times. When you come to a wall that you may not pass along your ill-chosen path, use those words – over and over. For you, Eternity-Seeker, are pre-destined to find His eyes of Love and build a house on solid ground. God has put the desire in you to see His countenance at all cost. You know that. I knew that too. Never stop until you arrive. Eternity awaits…

Kind Regards,


Jesus died to dry our tears

“…and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink…” Exodus 17:6 (KJV)

Lord, my Living promise, my Cornerstone and might

In dark places, how I lean into Your Light.

Let my heart shatter for what breaks Yours.

Your Living Love and sustaining peace, beckons and implores.

Lord, Your love is unequaled and covers me, one who once could not see.

Now You are my Rock and my life’s foundation: my eternal Strongtower.

The ground I seek today shall be at Your hem.

My will is a stone that has shattered within.

You are the Water that gives all life.

I sacrifice myself so many have joy, hope and beauty rife.

Lord, let them drink! I pray my cup runneth over.

I am blessed by focused sight and willing ears. I pray now their heart’s recover.

The sweet, sweet sound of the saved heart. O, Let it reach my ears.

For  Jesus died to dry our tears.

October 2, 2013

a prayer for a thistle


And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.  Revelations 21:5 (KJV)

Your guardian eyes so warm, removing harm and protecting  my way each day. Watched over, I feel safe, secure and steeped in Love. It is Your eyes, Lord, that see me through each abrasion and each incident, turning mismatched moments into seeds of goodness planted deep into my soul. O blissful thought. Watchful eyes turning a bitter and acrid outlook into welcoming warmth. Yes, this is how I hope to be: drawing those into my warmth You provided rather than exuding the bitter glare of the past things in me still half hidden. It is Your guardian eyes that envelope me.

In Your goodness, I forge through paths of nettles and thistle.  A thorny weed with a pretty flower is still a thorny weed. Discern appearances, lest be deceived. You tell me this in my heart – answering my prayer, knowing I am mismatched with the surroundings I am in. Separated into goodness. So many scratches on my legs. I was drawn in by the thistle and her pretty purples and blues. Captivated, my eyes deceptively were drawn in. However, I listen to You and know even weeds deserve love. I see their way, misled perspective – short and shallow. They are the remnants of seeds planted on soil not quite prepared enough. Nutrients escape and the hardened clay offers a bed where adaptation is required to survive. Even then, the purples lure. The best you can do poor thistle. Compassion burns within me. God’s goodness brings hope.

Your unmistakable voice, O Lord, thunder and lightning, across valleys scorching mountain tops. Righteousness and truth ought be remembered: “I am God and I am with you”. For the ages. I hear You Father. You will shout and you will whisper. A shout is necessary for me wading ever deeper into the river ready to carry all things to nowhere. I turn back to the water’s edge. Then at night with gentle moon and quiet stars you whisper sweet psalms of joy and wisdom into my heart. It is Your love, both ways. You saved me from the sweeping river to nowhere to bless me with whispers of love. So warm, so loved.

Your guardian eyes, Lord. Steel gaze on all things around. No less me with my eyes looking back. A single tear, a prayer for a thistle. You see her Father. I do too, praying I do through Your eyes. For what You have done for me is ever engraved in my soul and I must break ground and harrow clay to loam. Nutrients are in Your Word and water from Your Spirit. Plant seeds anew and where the thistle once only adapted and survived. Now a blanket of jonquils, daisies, and tulips color the land with yellows and reds. Figs and pears come from trunks stout and firm – roots well watered. Wheat grows for bread. Daily bread.

Oh how I love You. Can I love You more? These days pass and ahead is the horizon – sun waning and moon waxing. All the splendor of Your harmonious way. Help me Lord forge through. To see good. To forgive those adapted to bad. To see guardian eyes looking down upon my upward gaze, Warm, I am, and Loved too. It is wonderful in this way Father. Your path under Your gaze and guided by Your voice. All is bliss, heaven and earth.

© 2013 rick stassi

green and white

gree and white

But He knows the way that I take;
When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.

Job 23:10

O that I should look upon the past
Still salvaging  pieces of things You will outlast
Gripping struggles gone long ago
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

But what is this pain inside my core?
A reminder! Espy the Light on distant shore.
For upon Your path I surely go,
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

For You Lord know the way for me
As you bend and mold my image toward Thee.
And sometimes it hurts, this refining show.
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

Shadows hide the eyes of Peace.
Through them I fumble fears increase.
But, forward, faithful, effortless flow.
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

Greener pastures, whiter snow.
A promise that to Thou I surely go.
And sit upon a rock, or tuft of grass,
I did doubt a little though, I sigh alas.

To the depths of Your heart I seek,
Traverse graven valleys, mountain peak.
The promise when I am feeling low,
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

O that Your thoughts would be e’er for me.
I dash all fears upon the sea.
Now looking forward seeds to sow,
Greener pastures, whiter snow.

© 2013 rick stassi

We Love in Shadows


“For who knoweth what is good for man in this life, all the days of his vain life which he spendeth as a shadow? for who can tell a man what shall be after him under the sun?” Ecclesiastes 6:12 (NKV)

Our nature fallen
Our paths so sullen;
Pathetic attempts seeking
Fulfilled hearts swollen.

Those of the finite
Wish upon hearts contrite.
Contrived reason, hopes peeking
Futile lives never quite right.

O vanity – Man deceived
He searches inward, darkness relieved.
But emptiness surely filled by God
Light eclipses shadow, hope acheived.

O Lord we thank Thee from our very core
For You are He who tells man His chore.
You sent Your Son defeating death,
Our childlike eyes seek evermore.

We of Christ are infinite
Eternal, always, e’er upright
And to those who are decidedly opposed,
We still love in shadows, man – God’s delight.

© 2013 Rick Stassi Emanatingjoy


Artist: Phoebe Stassi

Artist: Phoebe Stassi

“Submit to God and be at peace with him;
in this way prosperity will come to you.” Job 22:21 (NIV)

What is submit? Compare submit as the giving of something to the abandoning of our very soul. A deep contrast. What we give or what we abandon. The first is easy. The transfer of something for one hand to another’s.
But abandon…

So, in submitting to God we are really abandoning ownership of our souls to be transferred from our hand to the Lord’s.
Actually He has purchased our souls and it is up to us to loose the firm grip of straw we incessantly have.
We are those who are frantic over comfort and security. Naively thinking the fading things around us will provide. Naive.

A man can no sooner grab his own collar and lift himself from a pit. So, another must assist. But tragically he awaits at the pit’s bottom as tens of thousands pass by. The world is impersonal. Our despair is not the world’s concern. I submit.

However, if we believe in One greater than ourselves and are at peace with Him – meaning we rest knowing He is there, then the amount of impersonality is meaningless. We are lifted from the pit – from despair – by hands of Love. Maybe, just maybe, those who previously were oblivious to our entrapment in despair, will catch a glimpse. Maybe….

I submit that at our abandoning of our soul to God, His light emanates from now what is His. This will make heads turn. His work is captivating, omnipresent. Some come back to see. Love them even as they once ignored you. Our calm peace in God is infectious.

Finally, then, prosperity. The world talks of prosperity in a different and pompous tone. But we who abandon, possess prosperity in His peace, in His Love, in our eternity. Life is bigger that the sum of all it’s parts. To cross the abyss for the world to eternity requires abandoning our soul. Give up what is not even rightfully ours anymore. As we look from our worldly eyes at this abysmal precipice, we see only the long fall into despair. But abandon transfers. One side to the other and we soon are looking back at impossibility which is now possible. We have comfort and know love and needn’t argue who is right for He is righteous and He rains prosperity on us.

Abandon. Submit. Peace will come. Prosperity is love. God knows and waits.


waning pale

Untitled Abstract 122-12 Artist: Sean Seal

Untitled Abstract 122-12
Artist: Sean Seal

4 Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.
Ezekiel 37:4 (KJV)

Divinely led from valley low
Once, fitful of this way to go.
All moments claimed by more than me
Try to wrest them back, I plea!

Elements of ashes and dry bones
fervently deny life.
Why do most walk as these element?
I did. Blindness mired in strife.

Why did I let air be breathed?
Into a soul parched received?
I wonder at times what I did
To be counted even as I hid.

And I pray now for your dry bones
You who believe you know the path.
The Lord, without prejudice, sees your heart.
Where flesh is absent love atones

So, I stand in gaps of gray and dry
Watching bones and ashes pass by
Light come forth and rid these souls
Selfish hearts, stubborn, hidden holes.

For there is Light around to see
Certainly it is blinding now
But Love and heart is set free!
Life from death. sinew to bone.

All can be one glorious day
If those would see the truth, the Way
And I can rest in waning pale
Seeking breath for those who fail.