Tarry not on the Point!

Artist: Sean Seal

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11 (New King James Version)

When I was a child, life was grand! I was the first male born to carry on the family namesake. I had  an uncle with four daughters, then an aunt with three daughters. My father was the youngest of three siblings and he and my mom had me. My grandfather was so happy and proud. All was well for two years and then my brother was born. If I was still a child, yes, I would have said  stupid brother. But I love my brother and would not call him stupid. Life was grand until the blond-headed, cherubim-curled hair, baby brother was born. Yes when I was a child all was well until I was forced into sharing everyone I knew with my brother, a stranger in town. I still had needs and wants and did not wish to share my hunger. I was two years old and already I knew a few things.

So, that is my preface to want. I want and I am thinking how much I craved even from the first moment of life. Food always first, then attention for both protection and an interruption to boredom. How long can I stare at the floating animals circling above my crib to the sound of a lullaby anyway?  I craved insatiably. We all do.  God made us this way to form a bond with our parents, smiling down upon a wiggly child, and of course, to survive and be a member of the nuclear family. However, even in all this family bliss, the enemy lurks.

In the verse above written by Paul to the church at Corinth, there is a period: actually a semi-colon, but let’s just say a point.  A point is defined mathematically as a precise location on a plane. I exclaim this point is prevalent in our lives, however, that precise location ever-expands until our character and wisdom catch up.  This area divides life from being a child to becoming a man. “When I became a man…” et cetera. When did I (become a man)? I think we are programmed to believe we just become. I do not believe this is true. I never put away my childish things. In fact, if anything, I never grew up for a long time. An insatiable appetite to be filled with attention and plenty of other stuff, became a beast in my soul. There are ways in this world that will help fill these chasms that are buried in our souls. I found them all. These things filled me and put a smile was on my face always. Always happy! O how many follow this path. Need love, need sex, need attention, need food, need alcohol, need praise, need to be liked, need to be heard, need to be included, need to be good, did I say need to be loved? All will find worldly offerings are futile.

So, I entered the point – the area of transition. I thirsted for water, then thirsted again. Jesus was right [a]. Much time is needed in this area as well as much help that is impossible to employ from within ourselves. So we must look outside. Eliminating our inner self and worldly offerings as a source of resolution, we seek things bigger than ourselves, in fact, bigger than all things. God is available and He answered my call and will answer yours.

I called Him and grew to love Him with all of my being. It was not all about feeling good. It is about being filled with many things from God. He fortified my character, imparted wisdom, solidified and built integrity – all above worldly standards. When we see this in our lives, we know we commune with He, the Highest power.

Now I am a man and I think like a man. I put away my childish ways. I reason with godly integrity and eternal vision. This is not self-indulgence, it is testimony – my testimony. In is indisputable and clear in my mind. My heart emanates a joy only God can provide to me first. Pause at a point – the exact point between child and man. Listen to those who are experienced at lingering. Do not tarry and run to God and exclaim your need for Him! I know He will receive you. He received me.

Stand on the point but tarry not. Look to the heavens. Cry out His name. Jesus will already offer a hand to step into His flock.

Rick Stassi

November 6, 2012