delivering God’s word…

I woke up this morning from a dream. This dream opened my day with a calming effect and caused me to seek God with a flurry of prayer. I do not necessarily believe dreams are specific omens for our futures; but maybe more of a mirror of our past experience or some subconscious Federico Fellini film of my own mind’s making. However, today I awoke with a calmness that can only be offered by God and accepted as God by an appreciative soul . I believe I am that soul.

I dreamt I was asked to give the sermon at a fairly large church only minutes prior to the beginning of the service. To my surprise, I was calm. I experienced the usual dream-angst: couldn’t find a microphone, lost my Bible, saw confusion among church staff etc. i was however prepared to lead with only what God gave me on a minute-by-minute basis.

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord….” – my beginning words and then I woke up. Rats! I wanted to see how this one ended. Actually now I am curious as to how this one will end. You see we are all capable of delivering the message from God because at the very least, we can be EZRAs (see Neh 8)and just stand in the presence of the willing and read God’s word. The power of the message is in God’s word and all else is the act of helping it become relevant to people by a Pastor who cares that what he sees in God’s word is good for that day for his congregation.

This is a day when we thank our pastors for doing this. More dear than money is the knowledge that what God has prepared us for has been successfully delivered in his instruction.

So, I was pastor at a large church for 1 minute and I was calm. To me that piques my curiosity and the direction of prayer – if only for this day. Read God’s word. Know every verse can be relevant in you life. Take solace in this.

For Pastor Hector

In His love,


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