Melancholy and my Elliptical Path

Staggering elation surging through my heart overwhelms.
Can this joy be sustained?
I am touched with a happiness; a warmness from other hearts felt from many directions.
Felt from far away and also close by.
Yes! How another’s love can affect me so much.
I may give seemingly without effort; but, receiving warms me as heartfelt love permeates my soul.

Another day shows its teeth – grinning incredulously.
Lying in wait.
Rescuing, a softness comes to my swelling heart.
Elation does not fail, the melody of love swirls in my head.
But there is a melancholy covering. Is this contentment? Has joy taken flight?
A bit of sadness.
But in the Lord, joy remains. Dreaming.

It is an odd feeling seeing the world on its elliptical path.
Close, then far. It is not bad, it is gravity.

So of this gravity…
I search God’s face, His eyes a mere Ångstrom from mine.
He speaks in response to my prayer language which I have poured out to Him in trust of Him hearing.
He does.
The Spirit is helping. It is His purpose. A promise fulfilled.
The Earth comes close and then speeds far off only to return close again to the Sun.

This is me.
The gravity is in God’s very own heart.
Such an attraction. One body in motion; One a steadfast foundation.
My heart follows its elliptical path.

In a veil of melancholy, it is not bad.
It is quiet, quite serene actually.
I dream of friends, love, God, and Jesus.
‘Dream’ is a facetious description because it is not an internal image.
It is reality and I like it. I love it.

Hold me close, O Lord.
Let me gravitate around You never to stray.
You hold me on a tether of love.
A life-line, from Heart-to-heart.
And when I am melancholy, You speak so clear.
“Remove all thought”, You say. I hear You now. I see You so clearly.
“Listen to me”, again, You speak. Again my response is directed personally to You

You are my gravity, O Lord. Hold me tight lest I float off to emptiness.

© 2013 Rick Stassi

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