Can you hear a blade of grass
Reach up in sleight of moment’s pass?
Or the whisper of a single star
Cold alone and so, so far?

Leaves so fast and quietly unfold,
Just as quickly wither and get old.
And light-years traveled celestial bright,
This star is only a memory in a twinkling light.

Things that happen with us unaware
Good things created renounce despair.
Growing goodness all around
God’s omniscience offer little sound.

Peaceful, flowing the windy breeze
Oft disrupted by the trees
Catching, reflecting, fearless gales,
Stands of filters, antonymic sails.

But does ever the wind needs a place
To break tranquility and show her face?
It is God who exhales this gentleness –
And to the wind’s ear to which grass shall confess.
(c) 2014 Rick Stassi

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