above the blue


enticing murmurs hold subtle sway.
come with us on our gentle way.”
and if i do i surely shall spy,
deception in a peppermint-coated lie.

sirens call ships upon the jagged shore.
O ravaged soul despair no more,
for if I shall, surely I witness true,
personal optimism bids adieu.

there is a truth that we fail to heed
the sweet savory sip of honey-mead.
consider more than the outward dead
for these murmurs originate inside your head.

and with pastel hues of setting light
days long gone, wing-ed ones taken flight.
fall not into the finite snare,
of limited wisdom ever unaware.

settled, peaceful, all, and all again,
eternal bliss bathing skin.
there is one who comforts you,
beyond the sea, above the blue.


“for those seeking purpose…”

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