find bliss

cassatt 2


the greatness of things to come
shall not overshadow this day,
but shall build dreams
and unshackle the grief
in this moment.
elemental evidence of
mankind’s misgivings
ingrains furrowed countenance.
i look around to sad eyes
fixed in shadows –
gleam so slight,
gravely downcast.
hope resides on glances
evil destroys but
a warm day and gentle rain
be patient and hear
the mourning dove
declare that a new day
rests on bosoms
of fragile foundations
eager for strength, love.
come and see what
God will do, has done,
and place your hand in His
and walk to eternal blue
and find bliss.

(c) 2017 rick stassi

“…for the people of Syria. forever in my prayers.”

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